News of a plot to overthrow the regime in Iraq?!!

News of a plot to overthrow the regime in Iraq?!!


Palm – Iraqi political sources informed that the investigations now under way about the targeting of anti-terrorism directorate building in central Baghdad, has led to the disclosure of a great scheme to overthrow the regime in Baghdad, the help of regional countries without mention of the names of those States.

The sources said, the information that was disclosed after the bombing to make the last commander of the armed forces issued orders to tighten security at all prisons, especially in Baghdad and the western and northern provinces, in addition to sensitive government headquarters and the Green Zone.

She added that the orders had been for the transfer of all security leaders doubted that Polaeadtha or the possibility of non-implementation of the orders in the event of a security breach, and there was Astkdamha military forces from the south and his client will be implementing a new security plans.

She pointed out that he was informed a number of Iraqi officials adults to exercise caution and reduce their movement, fearing them of targeting certain that the plan consists of several stages and is being implemented to coincide with the tension in Syria, the first of these stages is to storm the prime minister and parliament and the ministries of interior, defense, oil and finance, and control as well as Building on the semi-official Al-Iraqiya and the targeting of a number of senior Iraqi officials, led by Prime Minister and the evacuation of a number of prisons and all these events are combined with a number of bombings hit Iraq’s provinces.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has exempted a number of officers from their posts because of negligence in the face of the attack on the anti-terrorism department in central Baghdad last week.

In the meantime, Al-Maliki that the battle with terrorism is over in Iraq, and the ongoing battle is with the cells behind it the will of other countries in and killed 12 people and wounded 21 others attacks in several Iraqi cities, security forces foiled the attempt to escape a group of prisoners, “Al Qaeda” through tunnel dug, from the prison of Abu Ghraib, the center of Baghdad, while the security forces uncovered a large plot to overthrow the regime in Baghdad, the help of regional countries.

A statement posted on the prime minister Maliki as saying in front of officers foiled an attempt to storm the prison north of Baghdad last week, said that the fight against terrorism has ended, and the remaining cells is here and there looking for an opportunity or loophole.

He added that these cells stand behind the will of other countries take advantage of the circumstance happening in the region, but it will not happen in Iraq with strikes continued until eliminated through the activation of the intelligence effort and cooperation with the people.

This hand, said an Iraqi official had been set a group of prisoners, “Al Qaeda” was trying to dig a tunnel to escape from the prison of Abu Ghraib, said that after the Puritans, they will step up their fight against the government.

Haidar al-Saadi, a spokesman for the Justice Department said in a statement, said that 11 of the “dangerous prisoners” at Abu Ghraib have dug three meters in the ground, dug a tunnel for a distance of 20 meters using a frying pan and part of the ceiling fan before being discovered.

He added that the guards during the attack last night, heard at midnight on Saturday night about some of the pumpkins and digging under the concrete, and the guards who then arrest operation in a professional by filling the tunnel with water to force the prisoners to come out and said another official at the ministry said the men members of the “Al Qaeda” and includes prison several thousand militants convicted.
Source: nakhelnews