Watermelon: the political forces failed to pass important laws

Criticized the Secretary General of the cluster white beauty of watermelon inability political forces in the adoption of important laws, particularly the law of the Federal Court and select members of the Electoral Commission for elections.

He said in a press statement: “The political differences between the political forces have prevented the success of the Parliament to pass important laws, which are in the interest of the Iraqi people and the political process, particularly with regard to the law of the Federal court and select members of the Independent Electoral Commission. ”

He added: “The inability of the political forces to achieve compatibility between them in important decisions will lead to the creation of a real crisis,” calling for the House of Representatives not to take any Vacations or holidays before the adoption of important laws in times to come.

The House of Representatives decided yesterday to raise its twenty-eighth of this month after failing to pass important legislation into law the Federal Court and the law of the Supreme Judicial Council and select members of the Electoral Commission and the law of amnesty.