The effects of distortions against the U.S. armed Iraqi newspaper published in the U.S.

The effects of distortions against the U.S. armed Iraqi newspaper published in the U.S.

Sunday 5 August 2012

Follow-up – and babysit – the Sunday Times newspaper revealed the U.S. unveiled its report of the ninth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq for the disastrous and destructive results on the Iraqi people in general and on children, especially because of the depleted uranium used in U.S. military bayonet weapons in Iraq.
The report, published in the newspaper that the percentage of birth defects rose to their highest level in areas where military operations have an American and that of every thousand children 95 children of whom they have deformities or serious injuries and that a film photographer refers to newborn babies suffering from birth defects high in Iraq.

The report said that was obtained images also to distortions other can not be transmitted because of the severity, including a picture of a child with three heads image of a child with six fingers and another with one arm while stressing Iraqi doctors increase the number of children born with defects in the neural tube, where not working the brain and spinal cord.

The report indicated that the use of white phosphorus by the two U.S. soldiers to get rid of sites “enemies” even though they say they did not use that article as a weapon banned internationally was the main reason for the occurrence of such a distortion.

The study was an Iraqi and found that more than forty locations in various parts of the country contaminated with high levels of radiation and toxic substances known to increase risk of cancer, a legacy of weapons they used the American occupation in Iraq, as the percentage of birth defects of the heart among newborns in Iraq to $ 95 per thousand children, or 13 times the UK average.
Source: alrayy