I’m not optimistic about the existence of a breakthrough for the Iraqi political crisis in the near term

President of the Umma Party: I’m not optimistic about the existence of a breakthrough for the Iraqi political crisis in the near term

05/08/2012 11:26

Erbil, 5 August / August (Rn) – The head of the Umma Party, Iraq on Sunday, not optimistic the presence of a breakthrough of the current political crisis in the country in the near term, expressing at the same time expressed regret for voting for the Kurdistan Alliance, the election law which allows stealing the vote. said Mithal al-Alusi told Kurdistan News (Rn) that “paper reform announced by the National Alliance, a good sign, but there are still questions the launch of reforms and the aspects covered and how long it takes,” noting that I “do not feel optimistic although I hope to see signs of a breakthrough to the political crisis in the country.” and saying, “according to my belief that the paper reform is only an attempt to circumvent not only to withdraw confidence from the government, and the demands of interrogation or host the Prime Minister in the House, but on what is happening in Iraq from the conditions of service and deteriorating security, and get around the curse citizens about the mismanagement and lack of services. “increased Alusi said, “When the government is trying to militarize the country and move the pieces of the armies at the border areas in the city of Mosul, I think we crossed the red lines.” and face-Alusi threshold to the Kurdistan Alliance, saying that “the Kurds have struggled and sacrificed for many years, and their interest lies in the promote the building of a constitutional state, and therefore should not have been voting on the election law form, which was voted on, because the magnitude of the injustice and theft of the vote, because the interest of the Kurds promote the building of the state and to seek the separation of powers and not vote on the law of stealing the vote. ” The Chairman of the Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s meeting last week with representatives of the political blocs in the headquarters of al-Maliki to discuss the political situation, the presence of leaders from the Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan and the white mass, The participants agreed on the need for resolving the political crisis in the country through dialogue.According to Kurdish MP Mohsen Saadoun was a request for direct meeting between Maliki and Barzani to resolve all the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil. of: Wafa Zangana

Source: aknews