IMF extends loan to Iraq in February 2013

JD / Baghdad / .. International Monetary Fund announced on his arrival at an agreement with Iraq was extended through loan seven months until February 23, 2013 to the Iraqi government can implement a range of measures in the exchange rate regime in the country.

A statement of the IMF, “The changes to the agreement expired on 23 July was the request of the Iraqi government. “

The statement added that “the total available funding for Iraq amounts to about $ 1.96 billion.”

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund had agreed in February 24th, 2010 a contract agreement Stand for two years worth of 38.2 billion special drawing rights “around 58.3 billion dollars,” also agreed to extend it for five months until July 2012, with modification of exchange based on the shift in funding needs

The total resources currently available to Iraq under the agreement to the equivalent of 24.1307 million units of special drawing rights “around 96.1 billion dollars.”