Israeli estimates: any attack against Iran would delay making a nuclear bomb for two years

Israeli estimates: any attack against Iran would delay making a nuclear bomb for two years

Posted 03/08/2012 10:16 AM

Tel Aviv – (UPI): A report that the estimates in Israel suggest that Israeli military offensive against Iran would hinder their ability to make a nuclear bomb for two years, but in the meantime is growing opposition to the military leadership – the Israeli security to launch such an attack.
newspaper said ( Haaretz) Friday that if Israel attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities, it would delay the continued development of the nuclear program of technical terms for a period of one year will be the Iran needs another year to reorganize the program and to overcome the consequences of the attack side.

The newspaper added that the gap in military capability between Israel and the United States as well as the gap in attitudes between these two countries towards a possible attack against Iran was at the center of talks held by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta during his visit to Israel earlier this week.
The newspaper added that despite the persistence shown by the Israeli leadership, public statements and behind the scenes, about launching an attack against Iran, but that there is a central staff would reduce the possibility of she goes ahead and attack Iran before the U.S. presidential election.

The first factor is the clear opposition by the administration of such an attack in the current time in anticipation of that harm the prospects of victory of President Barack Obama’s second term, because an attack against Iran would lead to higher oil prices for U.S. consumers.

The second factor is the opposition leaders of the Israeli military and Mossad and their position not to rush to attack Iran before the U.S. elections scheduled for November next, in the light of the fear of harm strategic relations between Israel and the United States.

The newspaper said the supporters of attacking Iran, in Israel, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, the fear that the warnings not to launch an attack during the next three months will lead to the postponement of a military operation against Iran for an indefinite period and then will not be clear whether it will be can hit its nuclear facilities.

Fear Netanyahu and Barak that he postponed the attack in the wake of the international community will exercise a policy of “containment” toward Iran, and claim that with the passage of time will diminish the possibility of launching an attack against Iran, and that he now no longer possible to implement what could have been implemented two years ago.

The newspaper added that can not be denied that the Netanyahu and Barak to “psychological warfare” Btahedadathma repeated attack Iran and to mislead the world, but it pays the United States and Europe to exert pressure, economic and diplomatic sanctions, on Iran, it may be that persuade it to halt development of the nuclear program.

They pointed out that the continued preoccupation with Iran Yun Israel from the remains of the international pressure on the subject of Israeli – Palestinian conflict, while the threat of nuclear strikes of the Iranian and Syrian chemical weapons distorts the internal debate in Israel about social and economic issues.
Source: altahreernews