Editorial: Economic policy and national approach

They entered the field of political activity after 2003 by the wealth they have accumulated during the economic blockade, and now they have to influence economic policy through their influence in the political process, add them to slice associate to the parties in force in the State administration, which were barefoot before 2003 and after a short period penetrated the trade and construction funds are not known the source!? . The two groups Alanafta male stand a barrier to the process of economic development, for being Tafalitan and objectives Taatdhadd with the national approach which aims to transform the national economy of unilateral depends on oil revenues – a yield consumer importing to the multi-model – production export, his staff is the public sector and mixed, cooperative and private sectors.


The current investment policy in Iraq shot down two basic criteria and Ibadthma in opening the doors of investment, one moral standard, by which I mean that investment should be given to those that brought down its debt for Iraq, not to those that are still sticking to their debts! The second is the national standard, it can not allow countries that pursue a hostile policy against Iraq carry on investment activities, we know very well the problem of water between Iraq and Turkey on the one hand and Iran on the other. To see some of the indicators that show whether the current economic policy is a national approach:


* Complacency with the construction of the port of Mubarak (which raises the suspicion and doubt in the integrity of Iraqi officials for this file), in spite of official statements Kuwait, which recognizes that this port is built for Iraq, I mean stifle Iraqi ports and stop its activity.


* To extend the railway line between Iraq and Iran, which means that ships coming to Iraq from South East Asia and laden with goods intended for Europe will be unloaded in the ports of Iran and then being transferred to Iraqi territory by rail, which means paralysis of Iraqi ports and the failure of the dry canal project strategic .


* Declaration for import gas from Iran and Iraq has a larger reservoir of gas in the world, and this contradiction is the goal of it!?


* Disable the enactment of the tariff Alگmrگah by powerful parties and disguised on a layer Altjaralotfilin returning to it. This law represents the foundation and beginning in the protection of the national product and the advancement of the Iraqi economy.


The political crisis experienced by the country represent the spring and the prosperity of corruption, and help to continue this approach sabotage.