Kuwait must understand that it is invaded by Saddam, not Iraq

High Nassif: Kuwait must understand that it is invaded by Saddam, not Iraq

Thursday, 02 August / August 2012 11:50

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates called an MP for the Iraqi bloc of free high-Nassif, the Kuwaiti government to make the anniversary of the invasion of Kuwait a starting point to erase the traces of the past and stop punishing the Iraqi people because of it, as an invasion and not confrontational {Iraqi}.

Said Nassif in a statement to the Information Office of the block received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, “We were hoping to turn the page on the past to open the prospects for positive relations between the two neighboring countries, as the Iraqi people is not responsible for errors and practices of the former regime, Iraq is today reaching out to Kuwait to build relations are based on good neighborliness and commitment to norms and international conventions, but the reality, alas, just the opposite because of the insistence of Kuwait to the Iraqi people download the responsibility for the invasion did not have any role in it. ”

She explained that the “Iraqi interests today Tbgen, and the Iraqi people be punished by the Kuwaitis because of the insistence of Kuwait to claim compensation from the deduction of five percent of the staple food of the Iraqi people, and insisted Kuwait to continue to build a port Mubarak and stick to the resolution 833 the unjust suffering of the Iraqi people from its consequences, as well as attempts to legitimize the theft of oil from the wells, the joint border. ”

The Nassif, “It is unfortunate that the relations that sought the new Iraq to be established with Kuwait was in the interest of Kuwait more than being in the interest of Iraq, when we tried hard to erase the effects of policies of the former regime and open a new page with our brothers the Kuwaitis, we hope that the Kuwaiti government that we deal Similarly, but unfortunately we did not find them any step or initiative in this direction. ”

It stressed the “need for the Kuwaiti government and Kuwaiti politicians to abandon old hatreds and to seek the liquidation of intentions and deal with the issue of the invasion as a confrontational} {invasion happened without the will of the Iraqi people.” concluded M.
Source: alforatnews