British Attorney General refuses to reveal the Iraq war files

British Attorney General refuses to reveal the Iraq war files

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Follow-up – and babysit – rejected the Attorney General Dominic Grieve British files reveal that the Iraq war planned to extend the ban on the disclosure of such files, which was imposed in 2009 during the previous Labour government.
The Attorney General’s office said in a statement in English and received the news agency a copy of public opinion that the decision came after discussions with a number of government ministers and ministers of the then current British government of the Conservative party and Liberal Democrats in addition to the leader of the opposition Workers’ Party of Ed Miliband.

He pointed out that this exceptional case was taken to protect the functioning of government in Britain.

On the other hand, said the Information Commissioner in the British Parliament Christopher Graham said such a decision is the third which is to be made to refuse disclosure of files of the Iraq war and that this increases the sense of fear the government information disclosure in the process of deciding the war.

A statement issued by his office, “the Information Commissioner expressed his disappointment because of the ministerial veto which was used to cancel its previous decision to disclose files of the war on Iraq in the details of two meetings of Cabinet meetings before the start of military operations in Iraq in 2003.”

“The Information Commissioner believes that attention to this matter among the public justify the exception to the general rule of non-disclosure of information prior to the passage of a certain number of years to detect this file cabinet.”
Source: alrayy