decision to form a «Investment Commission of Electricity» serves the economy and provides energy .. The proposed law be excluded from the customs tariff

Described the decision of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary decision of parliament to form a special body to invest in electricity serves as an important economy and believe in energy.

The member of the Committee that the Law Commission proposal consists of 3 paragraphs and includes an exception to the customs tariff law, noting that the Authority would be a “government” and determine the tariff rate of sale.

He criticized the government coalition parliament’s decision, describing it as not realistic and not feasible at this stage, revealing the lack of consultation with the government to take.

The spokesman electricity decision as late by about 5 years, he saw economic analyst that the enactment of the Investment Commission of electricity crippling for the time being, belief that the solution to the electricity crisis lies in contracting with companies to generate a giant by the private sector that the government buys power from them.

In an interview with “the world” on Tuesday, praised Qasim Muhammad MP from Kurdistan Alliance, “the decision of parliament to form a body to invest in electricity,” and as “an important decision to serve the Iraqi economy and provides the electricity needed by the citizen, after the government failed to provide since 2003″ .

Mohammed, a decision of the Commission on oil and energy in the House of Representatives said that “the failure of the Ministry’s policy in dealing with this file and the existence of cases of financial and administrative corruption within them were behind the proposal to form a private investment with electricity.”

He believed that “it is possible to take advantage of local and foreign investors to promote this sector.”  He pointed out that “neighboring countries and the Kurdistan Region have benefited from the experience of investment, where the region exceeded the production of 2,000 megawatts hours of processing up to 23 hours of the citizen.”

Kurdish lawmaker concluded that “investment in the electricity would be a catalyst in improving the sector, and remove obstacles that stand in the way of development of electricity.”

In turn, said Odai Awad, a member of the Committee on Oil and Energy Parliament that “the body will be public and which will organize imports, and the prices of tariff sale of electricity, and how to deal with Alchukbh national, and linking these to the investing companies, according to the law will be understanding about it with the Government and will contribute to the Committee on Oil and Energy Council House of Representatives to be legally integrated. ”

Awad MP from Sadr’s movement said in an interview with “the world” yesterday, that “the law of the Investment Commission of Electricity proposed consists of 3 paragraphs. First establish the private investment within the energy sector operating under the investment law of its own beyond all obstacles. Second would be the work of the Commission in coordination with the Ministry of electricity and the relevant authorities to invest, and will include an exception to the law of customs tariff law. and thirdly to give the provinces the powers necessary to facilitate the granting of licenses. ” However, the MP Hussein al-Asadi, a coalition of law found that “it is not feasible to issue a decision of the House of Representatives a note of the laws in force, the Ministry of Privatization of electricity now, and transferred to the investment must be preceded by a set of procedures and legal realism.” And went on “at the level of the law must change the package of laws relating to investment law, company law, as well as systems that are integrated in the Ministry and thousands of employees.”

Asked al-Asadi, “How can the decision to issue a note of these issues?” And added, “this application it is unrealistic and not feasible at this stage.”

He was surprised al-Asadi in a meeting with “the world” yesterday, from the “discussion of the law in the parliament without consulting the government,” adding that “the Council of Ministers and the Prime Minister surprised by the move, on the grounds that he must take note governmental actions in such cases.”

And the position of the Ministry of Electricity, he said, Musab al-teacher spokesman, said “the subject of investment adopted by the Ministry of Electricity in 2010 and worked it for a full year, and offered 4 locations for investment, including 3 Energy per 500 MW, and the location of a fourth in Basra capacity of 1200 MW.”

He went on explaining that the teacher and the Ministry of Electricity “, held workshops, and invited local and international companies, was to reach a final formula, but stopped because the investment ministry said that the King of units invested the ministry.”

The teacher said in remarks to “the world” yesterday that “investment in the electricity could not have been 5 years ago and not now, because the investment arrangements need 6 to 8 months, and then set up the stations needs to be 18 months to 24 months.”

“Now the current ministry projects will stabilize the system in full after a year and a half, at the end of 2013 will enter into the electricity system 20 000 MW and will cover the full need.”

In the meantime, expressed on behalf of Jamil, an economist Antoine concern “to enter Iraq in a new cycle, after which the quota system.” He asked, “where it comes from staff of the Commission?”, Followed by “We will be here in front of the corruption and quotas and other issues, the state apparatus now consists of more than 4 million member Vaúdon half, and we are heading to the creation of a new surplus.”

Antoine said the “world” yesterday, “The solution lies in contracting with companies to generate a giant, and the private sector within these companies, and sell to the government, as happened in the province of Kurdistan.”

He stressed “the need to study the proposed creation of an investment to electricity extensively, and the feasibility study from it.”

Antoine pointed out that “the formation of this body needs to legislation, because the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 covers all investments, there are various oil investment law on it since 7 years.”

He concluded that “the enactment of the Electricity Authority special issue impossible at the present time.”