Security and political obstacles combine to keep the investor from Iraq

Figures say that 23 July was the worst days experienced by the Iraqis this year and the month of June Deadliest was the second month the number of victims of violence and terrorist attacks since the beginning of 2,012. On Black Monday killed at least one hundred fifteen Iraqis in about 40 attacks and the bombing targeted civilians and police positions and the military. Observers noted that al-Qaeda in iraq declared that in practice the next wave of bombings two days before it happened, but the security services were unable to prevent. The immediate objective of these terrorist attacks to Embarrass Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and inciting sectarian strife, according to The Wall Street Journal in a report on the situation in Iraq.

The newspaper said that “al-Maliki himself did not serve his cause,” saying that the prime minister, “seven months ago, which is locked in a battle with everyone,” as she put it. She added that al-Maliki began his attack against his rivals in the Iraqi List, the issuance of warrant in December on the Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi on charges of terrorism. Baghdad, and Clashed with the Kurdistan Regional Government in a dispute over oil fields in northern Iraq, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Analysts said Chit after all the Horrors by experienced and now with his substantial financial resources has generated oil revenues, was expected to turn into a larger workshop for construction and reconstruction in the Middle East. And widespread unemployment among young graduates and now they will turn into a shortage of manpower in the government pays to be imported from other countries, like the Gulf states.

But political instability and the inability of the security services to protect citizens from the type of attacks that occurred on Monday, bloody and leave the political leaders to settle their differences and lack of technical skills and planning, executive and administrative, Conspired to keep all companies and for investment and Chit standing obstacle to any development project. For this reason we see a rich country such as the natural riches of Iraq is still burdened by high rates of unemployment and unacceptable poverty and Crumbling infrastructure, and crises of continued life and poor services.

The member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Abdul-Hussein Abtan the suffering of the citizens, for example pointing to the ongoing electricity crisis despite what he swallows this sector of the funds amounted to $ 38 billion without significantly reducing the impact of this suffering. Abtan attributed the reason behind the stalled development efforts and investment in Iraq to the lack of capacity required to manage the crisis and the absence of integrated vision, stressing the contrast between the abundance of financial resources and lack of achievement on the ground.

He said a member of the Commission services and reconstruction in the Parliament Ehsan Al-Awadi said the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in an effort to boost economic growth has prepared the law of the infrastructure to carry out projects worth up to $ 37 billion implementation forward considering that the size of the development challenge was the motivation behind the law.

He warned of al-Awadi, there would be no reconstruction unless the prescribed law of infrastructure, saying that the law remain in the refrigerator the House of Representatives since his arrival at Parliament five years ago due to technical reasons and the other political.

Economic expert, Bassem Jamil Antoine stressed that provides security and political stability indispensable conditions for investment activity, but the security environment and political situation today with a negative impact on the economy.

At the level of the legal framework drawn investor capital to recruit Antoine said that the laws in force in this area need to be radical changes as well as the legislation of new laws and anti-bureaucracy that does not encourage investors to come to Iraq.

He called for an Economist to spread the culture of investment and change the old view to the investor as a Crook or a parasite, as well as study the experience of the Kurdistan region, which has succeeded in providing an attractive environment for capital.

Antoine noted that Iraq needs to productive investment in vital sectors such as industry, agriculture, and not run the capital in stocks and speculation.

The head of the National Investment Commission Sami al-Araji was posted on the website in that saw 2,011 many of the reception of official delegations, businessmen and international companies and the establishment of forums and the signing of several agreements that facilitate the entry of investors to Iraq and to ensure them many privileges and guarantees. He says that the citizen waiting for the translation of these conventions and events to concrete projects on the ground.