Al-Sudani chairs the first cabinet session and issues several directives

Al-Sudani chairs the first cabinet session and issues several directives


Al-Sudani chairs the first cabinet session and issues several directivesInformation/Baghdad…
Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani chaired, on Friday, the first session of the Council of Ministers, and while he confirmed that the government will work to be at the level of the people’s confidence, and the responsibility in issuing and defending its decisions will be solidarity among its members. rapid in their ministries and that any procedure is subject to prior evaluation.

Al-Sudani said during his speech at the cabinet session, which was followed by the “Information” agency, “We ask God to be at the level of the people’s confidence and representatives, and the current stage is difficult and has many challenges.”

He added, “The people’s patience and sacrifices will be present before us to offer the best and prove that we are responsible, and today we took over our duties on an official holiday to confirm that this government is ready to work day and night and we have dedicated our time and ourselves for this task.”

He pointed out that “the responsibility of the government with its president and ministers will be solidarity, and everyone is concerned with the decisions issued and defending them.”

He stressed that “the first loyalty will be to Iraq, and the ministers must take over their duties from the former ministers with calm and non-noisy procedures, and that everyone should remember that the people have been waiting for more than a year to form the government, and that the disclosure of financial receivables to members of the government should be within a week, to be the first government to provide this disclosure within only a week.” “.

Al-Sudani called on the ministers not to issue orders and make quick adjustments so as not to reflect an image that the new government wants to abolish the role of those in positions, pointing out that “everyone is employed in the Iraqi state.”

He stressed that “there is an evaluation vision that everyone will be covered by, and whoever carries out the tasks and succeeds will remain in his place, and whoever falters, there are indicators, evaluation and reports that will talk about matters in detail.”

Al-Sudani directed not to name any director of the office of a minister from outside the ministry and from any political party, “noting that it is unreasonable for the ministry to be devoid of qualified employees.”

He said that “there are governments named after office managers’ governments, and it is necessary to pay attention to this matter and send a message of reassurance that the minister is a professional and is looking for the most efficient and honest to be assigned to this task without the assistance of people who have nothing to do with experience or specialization.” End /25