The Central Bank reveals Iraq’s foreign currency reserves

The Central Bank reveals Iraq’s foreign currency reserves

2022-05-26 | 11:42

The Central Bank reveals Iraqs foreign currency reservesAlsumaria news

Today, Thursday, the Director-General of the Investment Department of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mazen Sabah Ahmed, revealed Iraq’s reserves of foreign currency.
And the bank said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that “Iraq’s reserves of foreign currency amounted to 74 billion dollars.”

He added that “these reserves are geographically distributed between 8 to 9 major countries and vary in different forms and assets,” explaining that “this relatively high level makes Iraq in a comfortable position in terms of the adequacy of the level of foreign reserves.”

The bank reassured “about the level of Iraq’s foreign reserves,” stressing that “the situation is very comfortable, and government agencies should take advantage of this financial abundance,” noting that “the Iraqi economic situation is very excellent compared to the countries of the region and the neighborhood.”