Economist: Iraq’s Economy Did Not Grow, And The IMF “Laughs” At Al-Kazemi

Economist: Iraq’s Economy Did Not Grow, And The IMF “Laughs” At Al-Kazemi

04/30/2022 | 3:16 PM

Economist - Iraqs Economy Did Not Grow And The IMF Laughs At Al-KazemiInformation / Baghdad..

On Saturday, economist Imad Abdel Latif Salem played down the importance of the International Monetary Fund’s data regarding the high growth rates in Iraq, considering that it was not clear and represented “laughing” at the government.

And Abdul Latif, in a post on Facebook, said, “The Prime Minister’s speech (when he said) that during two years of the government’s work we succeeded in achieving the highest economic growth rate at the level of the Arab countries, according to International Monetary Fund reports, which expected that the economic growth rate in Iraq would reach up to 9.5% during 2022 and 2023 is not an “achievement”… never…”…

He added, “The reports of the International Monetary Fund talk about the economic growth rate, coolly, and completely impartially…and its indicators should not be cited without understanding them correctly and properly economically. And this fund, when it talks like this (without explaining the details), puts us all in the fund. And he laughs at us, laughs at us.. It’s okay.. But he should not have laughed at the highest official in charge of managing the economy in the country, deluding him with false statements, and making him market his statements about the economy as absolute facts.

He pointed out that “anything you produce and sell, and whose production increases, or its selling prices rise, will automatically raise what is called in the economy the rate of growth of output,” or the rate of economic growth, but the output in Iraq… is oil. Nothing..except for oil, its prices rose to more than $100 a barrel, so it rose in our dilapidated economy..the growth rate,” he asked, “what is the achievement in that?”

He continued, “We did not even raise oil production rates enough to benefit from this gift… or this rentier gift… or from the blessings of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which descended on us from the sky, as oil fossils fell on us millions of years ago, and disintegrated in our land.” , and we “disintegrated” with her (and because of her), and we are still “disintegrated”. There is no effort for us in that, no “production” from us and us, no “favor” for us over anyone in it, and no favor.

According to him, “the difficult (and embarrassing) question here is not “joy” at the high rate of “economic growth”, but rather it is.. What will you do (and we will do), with this high rate of “economic growth.. President’s country???”, no The fund is preferred over us..and you have no preference over us..and the credit, all credit, is to oil has no partner. finished/25h