Magazine: Saudi Arabia may support an Israeli attack on Iran in June

01/03/2012 12:30

Israel flag and Saudi Arabian flagBeirut, March 1 / March (Rn) – A magazine “Forbes” the U.S. that Saudi Arabia may contribute to facilitate the Israeli attack is likely on Iran, motivated by hatred of the Shiites, and the United States may accede to this war in case of eruption. and noting the U.S. magazine to be a principles of war is that the “enemy of my enemy is my friend,” quoted a dealer of weapons of the transactions arms with both Saudi Arabia and Israel, required visits to Jeddah and Tel Aviv, saying that Israel would use Saudi Arabia as a base for attack on Iran in June next. She magazine Without providing details, that the types of weapons sold by this dealer linked to a possible outbreak of such a war, noting that he will visit again to the States soon. and wondered “Forbes” as to why Saudi Arabia supporting Israel rather than attack, pointing out that the answer is also believed some people that the wrath of the Saudi Shiites beyond the hatred of the Jews. According to the same source, he along with missile strikes on Iranian nuclear sites, Israel will re-occupation of southern Lebanon for control of the missiles in the possession of “Party of God.” In addition, the magazine considered U.S. The United States can not play the role of spectator in the case of Saudi Arabia’s support for the Israeli attack on Iran. She would be the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and 

declared Washington its victory in the next few months, and put troops in Afghanistan stands ready to support the Israeli attack on Iran in one way or another. also said that if Iran were to suspend their oil production to influence oil prices worldwide, the supply of oil may not be affected, because Saudi Arabia plans to “increase production to cover any shortfall in global supplies of Iranian exports,” noting that the Kingdom has increased exports to the “What a little over nine million barrels a day last week, compared to an average of about 7.5 million barrels in January.”however, showed the magazine aggravation of the crisis to end the confrontation, and the entry of China and Russia, will not be good for the world economy where Rising oil prices will lead to higher gasoline prices will also restrictions on the economic recovery in the United States itself. of: Khalil Khalil. Open: Abdullah Sabri