Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, demanding Iraq to pay two billion dollars and threatening the looted Iraqi banks

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, demanding Iraq to pay two billion dollars and threatening the looted Iraqi banks

Palm – warned the Chairman of the Manpower Committee, Egyptian People’s Assembly of Iraq the fury of the Egyptian side as described for the delayed payment of money transfers yellow, calling to boycott the Arab summit in Baghdad.said Saber Abu Fotouh in a press statement that I warn Iraq the fury of the Egyptian side to the delayed payment of remittances yellow dues of workers Egyptians in Iraq, worth billion and $ 716 million, although the Iraqi government’s budget this year of 100 billion dollars.

He called Abu Fotouh, one of the Muslim Brotherhood boycott the forthcoming Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad in response to a disregard for the Iraqi side, regardless dues Egyptians, pointing out that Iraq has a bank, Rafidain Bank and the Embassy and Consulate and are all located in Cairo.

He said Abu Fotouh We Snmhl Egyptian diplomatic months to negotiate with Iraq, and in case of failure should be the owners of money orders to prepare for recovery of their right in their own way in and invited the Chairman of Manpower Committee, to the need for the Egyptian government to review diplomatic relations with all Arab and foreign countries to ensure the rights and dignity of the Egyptians.

For his part, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee people Essam el-Erian said that the negotiations were conducted by the Paris Club to recover the debt the government and the rights of Egyptians from the Iraqi side has a state of intransigence.

He said Al-Arian that the rights of Egyptian workers from the fixed assets can not be negotiated downwards to principal or interest as is referred to the members of the committee negotiating with Iraq to resolve the issue of remittances yellow refused responses of the Iraqi side and their justification for the delayed payment of these receivables, describing it as useless, especially as receivables due to 22-year-old has not started negotiations only since one year only.

The Assistant Foreign Minister Mohamed Al-Badri had said earlier in the rejection of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry asked the representative of the Iraqi government to reduce the debt of the Egyptian labor and the waiver of 80% of the principal without interest.