Al-Khanjar Alliance: There is no agreement to renew Al-Halbousi’s mandate

Al-Khanjar Alliance: There is no agreement to renew Al-Halbousi’s mandate

2021-12-20 06:54

Al-Khanjar Alliance - There is no agreement to renew Al-Halbousis mandateShafaq News/ “Al-Azm” coalition led by Khamis al-Khanjar confirmed on Sunday that there is no agreement with the “Progress” coalition to renew the term of its president, Muhammad al-Halbousi, to head the Iraqi parliament.

Member of the coalition, Issa Al-Issawi, told Shafaq News Agency, “The meetings that brought together the leadership of the Azm Alliance with progress, did not address and did not witness any talk about choosing a personality or renewing Muhammad al-Halbousi’s mandate to head the parliament.”

He added that “what is published in the media about the existence of a preliminary agreement between Al-Azm and Al-Halbousi’s renewal of the mandate of Al-Halbousi is incorrect,” noting that “after the approval of the Federal Court on the election results, the nomination of suitable personalities for the presidency of Parliament will be discussed.”

The dialogues and understandings led by Muhammad al-Halbousi, head of the Progress Alliance, and Khamis al-Khanjar, head of the Azm alliance, seem insufficient to unify visions in the near future, at the very least, as both of them are racing against time to reach the parliament presidency.

The Azm coalition, which was recently formed, includes 34 winning candidates in the legislative elections that took place last October. It consists of the Azm coalition, the Jamahiriya bloc, the Hasm Movement for Reform, deputies from the National Contract bloc, and the Arab Alliance in Kirkuk.