The Sadrist movement is gaining the “support” of “many” political parties to form a majority government

The Sadrist movement is gaining the “support” of “many” political parties to form a majority government

2021-12-19 23:53

The Sadrist movement is gaining the support of Shafaq News/ The Sadrist movement, the leadership of Muqtada al-Sadr, affirmed on Sunday that it is committed to forming a government of the political majority because it is the only option to “save” the country, indicating that there is great political support for this trend.

The leader in the movement, Riyadh Al-Masoudi, told Shafaq News Agency, “The Sadrist movement is Egypt and is determined to form a majority government, as it is the only option to save Iraq from all its crises and problems that it has been suffering from for many years.”

And he indicated that “there are many political parties that support the choice of the majority government, and that is why it will be within the coalition of the largest bloc after the approval of the Federal Court on the results of the early parliamentary elections.”

Yesterday, Saturday, Kata Al-Rikabi, a leader in the State of Law coalition, one of the most prominent parties to the Shiite coordination framework, which includes the blocs rejecting the election results, revealed the framework leadership’s move to form an alliance and agree on the formula for selecting candidates for the three presidencies.

Al-Rikabi told Shafaq News Agency, “There is a higher committee composed of all parties to the coordination framework whose mission is to meet the political forces, including the Alliance of Azm and Progress and the Kurdish parties.”

He added that “one of the tasks of the Supreme Committee in the coordinating framework is to meet with the leadership of the Sadrist movement as well,” noting that “the meetings began with a meeting of determination and will meet with progress and the Kurdish parties and the Sadrist movement during the coming period.”

Al-Rikabi explained, “The meetings are a prelude to the formation of a political alliance after the Federal Court’s decision and the approval of the election results.”