The coordinating framework seeks to unify the Shiite house by “tempting” independent representatives into positions

The coordinating framework seeks to unify the Shiite house by “tempting” independent representatives into positions

2021-12-17 07:28

The coordinating framework seeks to unify the Shiite house by tempting independent representatives into positionsShafaq News/ The coordinating framework forces are preparing to nominate their envoy to Al-Hanana to deliver the framework message regarding the formation of the government in accordance with the consensual context after uniting the Shiite house, while the Shiite framework seeks to lure independent representatives to its side through “temptation” to positions and special degrees.

A source from the coordination framework told Shafak News Agency; “The (Shiite) coordinating framework forces in particular began an urgent movement to attract independent representatives to form a broad front that qualifies them to form the largest bloc,” noting that “this comes in a collective effort by the framework forces to attract independents in exchange for tempting privileges, the least of which is an advisor or head of a commission, and the latter makes everyone salivate. And if it moves according to that and individually, that is, every bloc or party makes individual efforts to attract a group, and thus everyone achieves (the framework approaches) to attract most of the independent winners of the election results.

He added that “the positions will be granted not to the person of the representative, but to those who are nominated by the latter, in order to maintain a comfortable majority in Parliament.”

The source added; In the midst of these efforts and movements, the framework forces are about to send an envoy to Al-Hananah (the residence of the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada Al-Sadr), bearing a message from the framework that cooperation to overcome difficulties and agreement on the formation of a united Shiite front that forms a consensus government with a comprehensive national service program. Otherwise, they will form the largest bloc According to the agreed-upon polarization plan, they form the government, and if that is not possible, they constitute the majority of the opposition.”

The source added, “The Shiite framework hopes to find a response from Al-Sadr, because if the court ratifies the results, the government must be formed according to the timeframe set by the constitution, and this does not come in the midst of the current state of division.”

He pointed out that “in the event that al-Sadr refuses and insists on forming a majority government, the framework forces and those allied with him, whose number will exceed (100) deputies, will form a disrupted opposition in sovereign decisions that are useless or financial or economic decisions that are an umbrella for corruption and therefore according to that equation the framework will be the master of the situation.” Whether he goes to the opposition or manages to form the largest bloc.”