Corrected- Behind the scenes.. the coordination framework steps to form the government and reveals two names for its presidency

Corrected- Behind the scenes.. the coordination framework steps to form the government and reveals two names for its presidency

2021-12-12 07:28

Corrected- Behind the scenes.. the coordination framework steps to form the government and reveals two names for its presidency(Correction to clarify that the candidate for the coordination framework is Muhammad Shia al-Sudani and not Muhammad al-Sihud)

Shafaq News/ A source in the coordination framework that includes Shiite forces objecting to the election results as well as Sunni and Kurdish forces challenging the elections revealed, on Saturday, the possibility of the Federal Court delaying its decision regarding the elections, indicating the start of a serious movement within the framework to determine the identity and form of the next government from By naming two candidates for prime minister.

The source told Shafak News Agency; That “information reached the framework from the Federal Court that the latter may postpone the decision on the appeals submitted by the framework because of the appeals submitted by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, and the matter needs more time to take the final decision after studying all the appeals accompanied by documents and evidence,” it is likely that “there will be Postponing the decision until next Thursday, and the matter remains subject to the speedy completion of the court in this regard.”

He added, “The court’s decision will not require canceling the elections due to international support, but it may be possible to re-count and complete or partial manual counting. In all cases, the coordinating framework will abide by the court’s decisions.”

However, the source added, “If the court ratifies the election results, it is as if there is a veto on the forces of the framework that are intended not to return to the political scene, in addition to the country’s going into chaos and internal conflicts, and we hope that we will not reach that.”

Last week, the leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Hadi Al-Amiri, submitted appeals related to the elections to the Federal Court for decision, and the latter set the thirteenth of this month as the date for announcing its decision regarding the appeals and the election results in general.

And in another matter; The source confirmed that “the leaders of the coordination framework led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki have become the closest to forming the government, as they have attracted a number of winning representatives from the independents, as well as other entities and individual lists that entered into an alliance with the framework to exceed their number (101) and a simple majority may be formed that grants (The framework) has enough space to enable it to form the largest bloc after entering into an alliance with some parties of the Sunni and Kurdish forces to form a parliamentary majority that allows naming the prime minister.

He added that “the agreement provides for the replacement of the three presidencies with new personalities, for example, the Speaker of Parliament will be from (Azm Alliance), given that the latter is closest to the coordination framework, and therefore the framework will support a determination candidate for the presidency of Parliament, especially since the movement within those alliances is in full swing.”

Regarding the prime ministership, he indicated that “it was agreed within the coordination framework to nominate qualified candidates to fill the position, namely (Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani and Asaad Al-Eidani).”

And he added, “The latter had announced earlier that he would not run for prime minister, and this is part of the political tactic and diverting attention.”

He added, “The existing movement aims to pressure the Sadrist bloc to ease its conditions by forming a majority government and referring those responsible for wasting money and those convicted of corruption to the judiciary, along with disarming and handing them over to the state, as well as integrating the crowd into the security establishment. armed factions.

It is noteworthy that the coordinating framework forces had announced earlier the recruitment of a number of independent representatives, as well as some other lists from outside the framework, which increases the number of seats in the framework and expands the space for their negotiating movement.