New Study: 71% Of Democrats Despise Republicans

New Study: 71% Of Democrats Despise Republicans

12/09/2021 | 4:15 PM

New Study - 71percent Of Democrats Despise RepublicansInformation/translation…

A new study by the American Ekeus Foundation revealed, Thursday, the increasing contempt of Democrats for the Republicans who voted for former President Donald Trump, which reinforces a state of schism within American society.

The study, published by the foundation and translated by the “Information” agency, found that “a survey of 850 college students, 71 percent of Democrats refuse to go on a date with someone who voted for Donald Trump, while 31 percent of Republicans surveyed said they would not go on a date.” With someone elected incumbent President Joe Biden.”

Four out of 10 Democrats would not shop or support a business for Trump voters, seven percent of Republicans said they felt the same way about Biden voters, three out of 10 Biden voters would not work for someone who voted for Trump, and seven percent said they felt the same way about Biden voters. Only Trump voters want to be treated this way toward Biden voters.”

The study showed that “37 percent of Biden voters do not want to be friends with someone who voted for Trump, while 5 percent of Trump voters said they do not want the friendship of someone who voted for Biden.” These results shocked the pro-Trump right from the nature of the political reaction and its impact on decisions. normal routine in the lives of American citizens.

Democrats argue that modern Republican positions, led by former President Trump, are too far removed from mainstream and polite conversations, and some conservatives reacted angrily, with attorney and former Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Esgur saying the “study does not bode well” in light of these findings. finished/ 25 z