Al-Kazemi’s assassination attempt tops the world press: concern about the repercussions

Al-Kazemi’s assassination attempt tops the world press: concern about the repercussions

2021-11-07 07:47

Al-Kazemis assassination attempt tops the world press - concern about the repercussionsShafaq News/ The news of the assassination attempt on Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, on Sunday, topped the headlines and headlines in various newspapers and websites around the world, which almost agreed that the incident constituted a major escalation that threatens Iraq and may have repercussions.

The news of the assassination attempt made the headlines of newspapers, websites and televisions, such as the British “Guardian”, the American network “CNN”, the German “Deutsche Welle”, the “Times of Israel”, the website of the “Voice of America” ​​radio station, and the Australian “The Australian”. And the agencies “Reuters”, “Associated Press”, “One India” and others, while it was clear that most Arab newspapers did not cover the news in their paper editions because of the assassination attempt early on Sunday morning, and replaced that by following the Iraqi events on their websites. e.

CNN quoted a source close to Al-Kazemi as saying that the prime minister was returning from an inspection visit to the security forces that were involved in raids with demonstrators at the southern entrances to the Green Zone, when the drone attack occurred.

He added that Al-Kazemi was about to enter his residence when the booby-trapped planes attacked.

The New York Times noted in its report that the attack came after clashes broke out in Baghdad between security forces and supporters of militias loyal to Iran, which it says was the victim of electoral fraud that took place on October 10.

Reuters considered that the attack greatly exacerbated the tension in the country, weeks after the elections, which were questioned by the militia forces loyal to Iran.

The “Times of Israel” indicated that the attack came in light of “the escalation of tension in Iraq”, and that it reflects a significant escalation in light of the tensions sparked by the refusal of the militias loyal to Iran to accept the election results.

The Israeli newspaper also pointed out that Al-Kazemi is seen by the militias as close to the United States, and has tried to achieve a balance between Iraq’s allies, that is, the United States and Iran, and he has made an attempt to ease regional tensions by hosting talks between the two regional rivals, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The newspaper “Al-Ghadrian” did not conduct a special reading of the news of the assassination attempt, the details of which are still not final, and contented itself with its headline saying, “The failed attempt to assassinate the Iraqi Prime Minister by detonating a drone.”

As for “Voice of America” ​​radio, it indicated that “nobody claimed responsibility for the attack,” but added that the assassination attempt came in light of the confrontation between the security forces and militias loyal to Iran, whose supporters camped in front of the Green Zone after rejecting the results of the parliamentary elections, in which they lost about two-thirds. their seats.

The radio quoted Rang Alaeddin, a researcher in “Yerkings”, as saying that “the assassination attempt is a dramatic escalation, and crosses borders in an unprecedented manner and may have violent repercussions.”

She indicated that some leaders of powerful militia factions, such as Qais Al-Khazali, held Al-Kazemi directly responsible for Friday’s confrontations between the security forces and the demonstrators. The first person responsible for this fraud.

I also mentioned a tweet by one of the leaders of the “Master of the Martyrs” in which he addressed Al-Kazemi without naming him, but warned him that he would not obtain a second term as prime minister.

As for “CNN”, it retrieved a tweet by the spokesman for “Kataeb Hezbollah” Abu Ali Al-Askari, in which he denied the brigades’ involvement in the assassination attempt, saying in return that Al-Kazemi “plays the role of the victim.”

In its expanded report on the incident, CNN pointed out that the President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, condemned this “terrorist act”, which constitutes a dangerous development that threatens the security and stability of the country, and called on all parties to exercise restraint and calm.