Al-Kazemi takes 6 decisions to address the electricity crisis, and his ministry announces the return of the system to work

Al-Kazemi takes 6 decisions to address the electricity crisis, and his ministry announces the return of the system to work

2021-07-02 02:29

Al-Kazemi takes 6 decisions to address the electricity crisis and his ministry announces the return of the system to workShafaq News/ The media office of the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced on Friday that the latter took a set of decisions to remedy the electricity crisis after the complete interruption of the national network in all governorates of Iraq, except for the Kurdistan Region.

The office said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that Al-Kazemi, as a result of what the electric power system was exposed to during the past hours and to ensure a quick treatment, and after following him up personally with the executive officials of the Ministry of Electricity and other ministries, decided the following:

First/ A crisis cell is formed to address the shortage of electricity supply hours in Baghdad and the governorates, headed by the Prime Minister, with the membership of the Ministries of Electricity, Oil, Finance and Interior, the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, the Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Head of the National Security Apparatus, and the Secretary of the Supreme Coordination Committee between the Provinces.

Second/ The cell undertakes the following tasks:

1. Take the necessary immediate measures to increase the hours of providing electrical energy in Baghdad and the governorates to meet the needs of the Iraqi society and economy.

2. Emergency provision of all forms of financial, technical, logistical and security support to the Ministry of Electricity.

3. Involvement of local governments in the areas of production and distribution.

4. Removal of abuses on the electric power system and confiscation of used tools and equipment.

5. Paying the violators the fees of cutting the power supply and the costs resulting therefrom, and initiating criminal complaints against them.

6. Accelerate practical procedures to support and encourage the use of renewable energies in various fields and localize its industry, as well as regulating the entry of the private sector to invest in the energy field in a way that raises the level of energy supply while ensuring efficiency and economic feasibility.

Third/ The cell is in permanent session during the months of July and August, and in continuous meetings except for the mentioned two months, and it takes its decisions by majority.

In a second statement issued by his office, Al-Kazemi directed the Ministry of Oil to increase the fuel quota for private generators.

For its part, the Ministry of Electricity announced in a statement that its staff were able to restore the national electricity system in record time to service after it was subjected to a complete halt at dawn today, Friday.

The ministry said that all the owners have been working since the accident that the system stopped working to restart the obstetric units in all electrical power production stations to return to the production reached by the system yesterday evening, Thursday, which amounted to (18,500) megawatts, despite the terrorist and sabotage targets that were exposed and exposed to the transmission lines of electric power. .

The ministry appealed to the security authorities, tribal sheikhs and citizens to cooperate with them to intervene and report any suspicious movements that occur near electric power transmission lines and towers.

The ministry indicated that there have been programmed and continuous targeting of electric power transmission lines over the past days, with high temperatures, which led to the instability of the power system, which resulted in the separation of the two high-pressure electric power transmission lines (thermal fluid – gaseous media) (1 and 2), Fajr This Friday, which stopped the energy system because of it.

The statement added that while the Ministry of Electricity is mobilizing its staff to restart the obstetric units, the high-pressure electric power transmission line (132 kV), (Jerusalem – Karkh water) at ten o’clock this morning, Friday, was detonated by explosive devices placed under a number From its towers, with the aim of dismissing him and taking him out of work to increase the suffering of the citizens. Immediately, the engineering and technical staff went to the site of the accident, accompanied by the security forces, and began maintenance work.