Symposium to discuss the implications of removing zeros and its impacts on the Iraqi economy


Muthanna / Baghdadiya News / contract section .. Banking and Finance at the Faculty of Management and Economics symposium discusses the “removal of zeros from the Iraqi currency and its impacts on the economy of Iraq.”

 Dr. Mohammed Al-Tai Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs L / Baghdadiya News / “This seminar was based on objectives of the College to discuss issues of concern to the Iraqi economy, particularly monetary policies and their effective role in achieving economic stability, which is one of the priorities of the Central Bank.”

He went on to say that “the symposium highlighted the implications of this project and its impacts (positive and negative) on the Iraqi economy.”

Tai pointed out that “the most important topics covered in the seminar is to remove the zeros from the currency and its impact on the economy of Iraq and the Iraqi Central Bank to see about removing the zeroes.”

The Tai, “The symposium came out a set of recommendations and proposals that support the process of deleting the zeros of the Iraqi currency taking into account the availability of the economic conditions necessary as a measure restores the confidence of the citizen Bammelth local as well as benefit from the experiences of countries that have preceded us in the process of changing the currency they will help ensure the success of the operation in addition to reducing of the mistakes that you may encounter the process in order to overcome the negative impacts and enhance positive ones, which may accompany the process of change. “

He also stressed Tai on “the importance of creating public opinion through already this procedure information campaign intensified, including seminars extended clear to the citizen what action and its implications for the positive dimensions of the specter of fear and apprehension of the process of replacing the currency,” stressing “the need to print new currency in accordance with international standards and high Bmtaba known to minimize the fraud that marred the number of categories of the current currency.

That the change gradually according to the specialized committees of workers in the banking sector and regulatory bodies in order to prevent any entry process Mzoh to replace them with new currency. “/ Finished /