Game banks and steal money in Iraq! 1-2

Game banks and steal money in Iraq! 1-2

Posted 15/07/2012 07:30 PM

Qasim al-Suhail *
once met the late Palestinian leader Abu Khaled currency “open eye” with a number of Palestinian fighters. The Gaddafi Libyan leader has proposed to buy land in Sweden, home to the Israelis as a solution to the Palestinian cause, and when laughed at him the world made a proposal a second, that Jews and Palestinians in one country called “Isratine” an acronym for the words Israel and Palestine. Asked a Palestinian fighters Khaled Abu currency recognize how our case, however, this boob and you you meet with him once a month discussing the Palestinian cause. Answered them, Abu Khaled currency “We do not meet with Gaddafi to discuss the Palestinian issue. Libya for us bank – the bank, and Gaddafi’s General Manager of that bank. We go every month to receive M_khassatkm financial allocations sons of the camps do not pay attention to his remarks. Take what is available from the Bank of Libya and go Libya to hell! ”
Today if it asked the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, how do you want to have adopted democracy in Iraq and you hear the officials’ statements and letters of clerics who rule Iraq and the spread of backwardness and superstition and you you call urbanization and modernity, democracy, and the terrorists bombings and killing innocent people, and you can see the size of the thefts and looting frightening that would leave Iraq in ruins, and today want to pass a law governing the hard labor and execution for each of the writing on the Internet pages of criticism of preachers sultans and thieves in this modern age, Vsajepkm the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, “Iraq for us bank – the bank. We want to convert foreign currency to our citizens and our banks, and let Iraq go to hell! ”
I have discovered some of those involved in Iraq, and suddenly and without warning, that the hard currency reserves at the Central Bank of Iraq has decreased by fifty-three percent. This means converting all oil imports from Iraq plus reserves of hard currency to the Central Bank out of Iraq.
and when he wants to citizen-Sharif to talk through the media and available from the easy such as websites and the Internet, the new law submitted to parliament for approval, will be judged on the speaker critic hard labor for life or death. It has robbed the ruling gang in religious and civil Hqiha everything from the Iraqi nation did not remain only sounds that are working on being despoiled and silenced. We have protested Foundation “Human Rights Watch” this law will be enacted and ratified by the Iraqi parliament.
Corruption and theft amounted to all imports of oil from Iraq since the fall of the regime and even writing this article, seven hundred billion dollars, plus reserves of hard currencies in the Central Bank of Iraq.

What is the theft of money and what it means to transfer money out of Iraq?

That there are two routes through which the theft and transfer funds to Iraq out of Iraq. The first way is to sign contracts at a cost of doubling times and times to the implementation of projects, or contracts for the projects and fictitious or semi-fictitious, such as what happened in the purchase of arms of the detectors of weapons and explosives from Britain in millions of dollars in the arms of the plastic where the game sound like children’s toys, do not reveal any material solid, or theft and the transfer fee as published by the Daily Mail newspaper in its edition on Sunday, the fifteenth of the month of July \ July 2012, about the size of salaries and allowances of Iraqi officials and examples of allowances members of parliament’s 325 deputies are paid 22 thousand dollars a month with allocations represent the salaries of protection and auto protective housing of lead and hotels in the Green Zone, and the establishment of provisions for them in Iraq, home to some of them in those Alottalat, because their homes in the Gulf, Oman and Europe, and they spend an average thousand dollars per minute according to the Daily Mail. The paper points out that only one of them did not attend in Parliament, only twenty minutes of this year, while total monthly emoluments and expenses of his ninety thousand dollars a month!

The hundreds of billions stolen from Iraq is a crime and be tried instead of thieves and criminals, the state trial judges want to .. The fourth power, which reveal the truth! Did you know the State of its rulers steal people’s money and try to detect crime and thieves under the claim of abuse of religion, values and heritage, because the thieves are the Ministers of State and members of parliament and the clergy and religious institutions! Therefore may not be scratching their feelings of spiritual and material.
When a thief to transfer millions and billions per day of people’s money and poor people and orphans, people, this is money that turns into a display outside of Iraq, shall be deposited from banks, sixty percent at the Central Bank of that State, any public money, “State Property” reinforces the reserves that State of the Currency It is also difficult type of depositors ‘guarantee of the citizens of that state for fear that robs the bank guarantees or bankrupt them sixty percent of Khosarathm, they are by-laws of the world is this percentage of the deposit in commercial banks’ deposits with the central banks.

If he had wanted thief Iraqi or Arab for a reason to request transfer of one hundred thousand dollars only score of twenty-four billion dollars, “the balance of one Iraqi officials, according to information the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad,” it is unable to complete the calculation as the depositary of the money does not allow transfer such amount until you know the reasons and obtain the approvals and procedures for many may not agree to transfer the amount and most likely do not agree, especially if the party that turns its amount within the Arab region and in particular the troubled countries politically and Iraq, one of those troubled countries under the pretext of fear of the financing of terrorist operations .

Allowed the thief to buy a villa in the country has deposited its haraam wealth. Vafila remain in Europe or America, and the money paid to the owner of the villa purchased will remain in a bank of that State, only transferred from the name of the buyer to the seller’s name. When the thief wants to return to his homeland for some reason it will not convey these with him to his country villa. Are staying on their land.

Allowed the thief to travel and stay in more hotels fun than silk bed, and swimming, delicious food, massages, money is spent a few and do not constitute anything in the savings and also Valmusrova remain in those countries and to enjoy such pleasures of a price for his services, prominent central banks of the countries of Europe and America and thus to the economy of those countries.

Allowed thief womanizing as he pleases in the name of the Lord, and name of the people marriage fun or marriage Msear or customary marriage, is allowed if the thieves that disbanding what they want money from homeland swimming in contaminated water and walk in darkness, though the ratification law, which would be retroactive as the most common, the author This article is sentenced to death or hard labor for life!

* A media writer and an Iraqi resident in Britain and the second part of the article published originally in “Culture” tomorrow
Source: altahreernews