Biden again forgets the name of the defense minister

Biden again forgets the name of the defense minister

Wednesday 10 March 2021 | 11:07 am

Biden again forgets the name of the defense ministerUS President Joe Biden once again sparked a wave of ridicule as he got into an embarrassing situation when, speaking at an official event, he apparently forgot the name of the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin .

Biden gave a speech on the occasion of International Women’s Day in which he spoke about women in the US armed forces and announced that he would nominate two women for two positions in its leadership .

During the speech, Biden wanted to thank his defense secretary, who was standing next to the president, but he stumbled and looked as if he had forgotten Austin’s name .

The American president said, “I would like to thank the minister … the former general … I still call him the general … my companion who runs this institution there .”

Some observers considered that the president also forgot to name the Pentagon, as he resorted to the phrase “this institution”, noting that the president uttered “Minister Austin” before that during the speech when he was reading it from the animated text .

This embarrassing situation, which drew media attention, sparked a barrage of sarcastic comments on social networking sites .

Biden had previously raised media attention several times with his mistakes and slips of the tongue in public statements during and after the presidential election campaign, including when he was confused by his granddaughter and late son, or he spoke about his “running for the Senate.”