Al-Sadr warns of “hidden hands” targeting the Iraqi dinar

Al-Sadr warns of “hidden hands” targeting the Iraqi dinar

2020-12-21 07:43

Al-Sadr warns of hidden hands targeting the Iraqi dinarShafaq News / The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, warned on Monday of “hidden hands” that want to undermine the people’s livelihood and the Iraqi local currency, calling on merchants not to be extravagant in raising prices.

Al-Sadr said in a tweet on Twitter, addressing the merchants, “Your brothers and sons who suffer from poverty and poverty in this stifling economic crisis through which the enemy wants to humiliate the people, so do not be the back of the enemy and be with your brothers.”

Al-Sadr called on merchants to “not be extravagant in prices, especially food, clothing, fuel, and important life matters.”

Al-Sadr warned against internal and external parties targeting the local currency, saying: “Let you know that there are hidden hands from within and without seeking to undermine the people’s bread, currency and strength in order for their countries and parties to benefit.”

The Central Bank of Iraq had decided to reduce the value of the local currency, starting from yesterday, Sunday, to 1450 dinars per dollar, from 1190 dinars.

This decision has led to a rise in prices in the local markets, as observers expect that prices will rise at least 20 percent of their value, which will directly affect the poor segment of the population, which constitutes about a third of the Iraqi population.