Trump renews his refusal to admit defeat: We shall win this election

Trump renews his refusal to admit defeat: We shall win this election

12/06/2020 09:34:58

Trump renews his refusal to admit defeat - We shall win this election{International: Al Furat News} During his participation in the first election rally after the presidential poll, US President Donald Trump said yesterday that he will win the elections whose announced results indicate that his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, has won.
Trump assured hundreds of supporters gathered outdoors in Georgia: “We won Georgia, we won in Florida, we won many places, we won Ohio … and we are winning this election. All I can do is wait for the numbers.”

“They will try to convince us that we lost. We have not lost,” Trump added amid chants, denouncing “rigged elections,” and stressing that “the Democrats will try to rig this Senate election as well.”

Despite Trump’s unprecedented attack on the US election system, which was considered to be no longer valid, his legal team has not yet succeeded in presenting any evidence accepted by the courts of fraud in the presidential elections.

Trump came to Georgia in support of two Republican candidates in a by-election considered crucial to determining the majority in the Senate and the balance of power in Washington, DC.

Trump said that if Senators David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler “didn’t win,” “nothing can stop the Democrats.” “You have no idea how bad it will be,” he added.

It is expected to vote on January 5 for the two seats in the Senate for the state of Georgia, both of which belong to the Republicans now.