Integrity prepares 479 international recovery files against fugitive convicts outside Iraq

Integrity prepares 479 international recovery files against fugitive convicts outside Iraq

9/16/2020 10:16

Integrity prepares 479 international recovery files against fugitive convicts outside IraqWhere News _ Baghdad

The Integrity Commission called, on Wednesday, for the necessity of enacting a law preventing dual nationalities from assuming senior positions in the state, and while it revealed that it had prepared 479 international recovery files against convicts fleeing outside the country, it confirmed its success in recovering and preventing the waste of four trillion dinars during the past two years.

The head of the recovery department at the authority, Muhammad Ali Muften, said in an interview followed by / the information /, that “the department has prepared 479 international recovery files against convicted fugitives outside the country, totaling 194 convicts,” noting that “54 convicts have been arrested.”

Muften added, “The foreign judicial authorities refused to hand over 43 of them to their Iraqi counterparts, and there are three others whose cases are still pending before foreign courts, while the Iraqi authorities have recovered eight convicts, including a minister and of his degree.”

He continued, “The department’s efforts resulted in the Lebanese judicial authorities arresting the former Minister of Trade in 2017, and the Iraqi judicial authorities received him in 2018, and the former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Defense recovered after organizing dozens of recovery files and sending 49 of them to the Jordanian judicial authority. The total sentences imposed against him are 650 years in prison, and the money demanded to return it is 800 million dollars.

“The international files of recovery also included the former governor of Kirkuk and the mayor of Baghdad, and they were arrested last year by the Lebanese and Syrian authorities, but they refused to hand them over to Iraq,” Muften added, stressing, “The continuation of his department with procedures to recover the convicts, many of whom reside in Jordan, Turkey, the Emirates and Syria.”

He revealed, “The success of his department in retrieving 12 million euros from Spain, representing the value of oil shipments prepared from the Ministry of Oil to a Spanish company in 1988, and the technical support team also recovered funds for the dissolved Military Industrialization Organization that were deposited in a Jordanian bank, with the recovery of 500 thousand dollars deposited in the account of a person And his wife was a director of a dissolved military manufacturing company in a Lebanese bank.

The Director of the Recovery Department continued that his department “recovered two million and 300 thousand pounds after following up on the first convict in the case of the British explosive detection devices (Jim McCromick). It also recovered 23 billion, 516 million dinars and 500 thousand dollars from convicts convicted in absentia, and seized movable and immovable money for convicts outside the country. And prevent them from disposing of it until they appear before the Iraqi judiciary, announcing the success of the commission over the past two years in recovering and preventing the waste of more than four trillion dinars.

He revealed “the existence of impediments in the field of recovery, the most prominent of which is dual nationality, calling for the enactment of a law that prohibits the assumption of dual nationalities to senior positions in the state in implementation of Article (18) / Fourth of the Constitution, which stipulates that whoever holds a high security or sovereign position must give up any Another acquired nationality, in addition to the lack of obligation and penalties for countries that host the smuggled money and the accused, ”pointing out“ the importance of concluding international agreements between Iraq and the rest of the countries, which will ensure overcoming some of these obstacles