Earthlink reveals the causes of “weak internet” in Iraq

Earthlink reveals the causes of “weak internet” in Iraq

9/12/2020 9:24

Earthlink reveals the causes of weak internet in IraqWhere News_Baghdad

The Earthlink Communications and Internet Services Company revealed, on Friday, the reasons for the weakness of the Internet in Iraq.

Company spokesman Mustafa Saadoun said in a press statement that “the problem of the Internet is not a small one. Today there is a crisis that may grow in the future concerning the Internet sector, as a result of Iraq’s reliance until this moment on the (wireless) mechanism to deliver service to users.”

He added, “The world has gone years ago to rely on the optical cable mechanism, which is the safest, most continuous and stable way to deliver Internet capacities, and thus the continued dependence on wireless increases the crises.”

He pointed out that “the company has a national project for the Internet, as it has worked to supply 4,500 km of optical fibers throughout Iraq, so it has built a complete and advanced infrastructure network in accordance with the latest specifications, and with the certification of Cisco International.”

He continued, “We were supposed to reach the homes two years ago, but there are measures that are still not taken, and incomplete. We are waiting for the green light from the Ministry of Communications, to start implementing this project.”