The Iraqi Parliament sponsors an initiative to resume talks between Erbil and Baghdad

The Iraqi Parliament sponsors an initiative to resume talks between Erbil and Baghdad

08/15/2020 15:25

The Iraqi Parliament sponsors an initiative to resume talks between Erbil and Baghdad[Baghdad-Where]
Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Bashir Al-Haddad, announced on Saturday that the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government will begin to resume negotiations to resolve differences and outstanding issues, indicating that there is no obstacle that hinders their reaching a joint agreement.
Al-Haddad said in a press statement today, that he adopted an initiative to return the regional government and the federal government to sit at the dialogue table and start negotiations, stressing that postponing the dialogues would cause harm to the people of Kurdistan.

He added, “We await the resumption of the dialogues soon because there is no major obstacle preventing the two sides from reaching an agreement, so the dialogues will be resumed soon.

On Thursday, Al-Haddad called on the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to return to the dialogue table and resume discussions to resolve the outstanding issues between the two parties in accordance with the constitution.”

Last Wednesday, the Kurdistan Regional Government stated that “it did not leave any constitutional, legal, administrative or financial justification except and present it during the discussions in order to reach an agreement, and the region agreed to all the conditions of the federal government within the framework of the constitution, but the federal government, unfortunately For more than three months, it has not shown any willingness to send the part of the salaries that it was sending, which led to the inability of the regional government to disburse financial dues to those who receive salaries, and this cast a shadow and negative effects on the living situation for those who deserve salaries in the midst of the difficult health situation The region is facing him. ”

She added that“ the region, like all other parts of Iraq, gives it the right to receive the salaries of its employees, as it is not necessary to distinguish between citizens of my region. M Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq, especially regarding salaries, and this is a constitutional right.

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region expressed its “deep dissatisfaction and concern about the negative position of the federal government,” calling on the federal government to respond to the serious efforts made by the regional government with the aim of resolving the problems radically according to the constitution, in a manner that guarantees its respect for the constitutional rights and entitlements and fulfilling its constitutional obligations towards the region.