Al-Kaabi: The amounts spent on electricity are huge, and the investigation committee will uncover corruption

Al-Kaabi: The amounts spent on electricity are huge, and the investigation committee will uncover corruption

7/19/2020 15:57:10

Al-Kaabi - The amounts spent on electricity are huge and the investigation committee will uncover corruption{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Executive Parliamentary and Supervisory Committee charged with investigating and auditing the contracts of the Ministry of Electricity headed by Hassan Karim Al Kaabi, First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, visited the headquarters of the Ministry of Electricity, today, Sunday, where they were received by Minister Majid Mahdi of the Emirate and the advance staff in the ministry.
Al-Kaabi, upon his arrival with the investigation committee, chaired, according to his media office statement, a full review in which the Ministry’s actual investment spending took place from 2005 to 2019, energy production projects, station rehabilitation, power transmission and distribution projects, rehabilitation of power transmission lines and lines, and expenditures of support departments, as well as spending The Ministry is in progress with all the details and the total lost and designed capabilities of the stations implemented since 2003 until today. ”

He stressed that “the investigation committee will not be like its predecessors from the parliamentary committees, and we will not discuss any future plans and programs for the work of the Ministry of Electricity, but rather the origin of the formation of the committee is the full scrutiny and investigation of all the ministry’s contracts since 2003 to 2020 and the disclosure of all the processes of waste of public money and corruption that accompanied them, pointing to The amounts spent on electricity, according to the tables he personally viewed today, are “very large” that are not commensurate with the size of the citizen’s suffering and his continuous tragedy during the previous years of the deterioration and lack of electric power without real knowledge of the reasons.

The committee, headed by Al-Kaabi, called for “the Ministry of Electricity to formally answer a set of issues, including those pertaining to obstetric stations and the economic feasibility of them, in light of the available capabilities, and to provide it with a list of concluded contracts, their classification and value, the duration of implementation and the companies implemented and automated in the checks, the timing of the contract, construction, qualification and type of fuel until July 2020,” Al-Kaabi noted that the committee will begin hosting a number of officials inside and outside the ministry, including them in the ongoing service or outside it, according to what the committee considers and its work, and within the frameworks of the official investigation, to diagnose the deficiencies, whether in the ministry or other ministries and relevant government institutions, and the causes Corruption and its people, whoever and wherever they are. ”

Al-Kaabi called on the council to “the need for continued cooperation and coordination between the parliamentary committee and the ministry for everything that would provide service to every Iraqi individual by exposing the corrupt and bringing them to justice as quickly as possible.”