Newspaper: the specter of the Iraq war prosecuted Americans in their conflict with Iran

26/02/2012 10:34

US Army WomenBeirut, February 26 (AKnews) – intensified talk about the possibility of the outbreak of war over Iran’s nuclear program recently with the escalation of Israel’s threats and the growing spirit of aggression in the letter of American politicians, where they drew the “New York Times,” the U.S. that the specter of wars fought by Americans in Iraq , and are still waging in Afghanistan, continues to darken them.  The newspaper wrote the U.S. “The United States go through what is in some of the criteria the longest period of the wars in history, killing more than 6,300 U.S. soldiers and wounded 46 thousand others in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the cost is estimated that it would amount to $ 3 trillion,” and that in spite of that, ” acquire the talk of war with Iran tone sharp in recent weeks. ” The newspaper considered that while the cause of war undecided about whether the press inflated the issue of producing a nuclear bomb, said “There is one important difference is that in 2003, portrayed the Bush administration’s Iraq as imminent threat, apparently officials the Obama administration and U.S. intelligence agencies today are eager to calm the situation. “She drew the newspaper that “important differences from the debate that preceded the Iraq war, the role of Israel, which views Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons as a threat to its very existence, and warned that Iran’s nuclear facilities may move soon to the depths in the ground, you can not with destruction in the post. ” the paper quoted a researcher specializing in the study of security threats, Richard Bates, confusion of the results of polls about the war against Iran, noting that 75 percent of Americans support may be withdrawn by President Barack Obama withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan at the pace, which is consistent with several indicators to a case of rejection of the war.  The newspaper added that “the military and intelligence sought quietly to address the language of politicians mounting on Iran’s nuclear program, and when asked the intelligence chief National James Clapper during a hearing in the Senate last week, what if he had doubts about the intentions of the Iranians when it comes to producing a nuclear weapon, he replied: “Yes I have.” The newspaper considered the U.S. that it “goes back to the specter of the Iraq war, in raising such a debate , as the information on weapons of mass destruction, used by the Bush administration justified president to invade Iraq proved that she was wrong about catastrophic. ” The newspaper concluded by saying that he is sure to result in an Iranian attack inside the United States after an Israeli strike against Iran, for invitations to the military response U.S.. the paper quoted a researcher specializing in the study of public opinion and war, and former official in the Bush administration, Peter Weaver of Duke University as saying that “the policy of the Obama administration to take a firm stand against Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons, but opposed military action in the present time, and emphasizes sanctions on Tehran . ” From: Khalil Khalil, RN peace Baghdadi