Barham Salih: Al-Kazemi enjoys the consensus of all political forces

Barham Salih: Al-Kazemi enjoys the consensus of all political forces

9/4/2020 15:04

Barham Salih - Al-Kazemi enjoys the consensus of all political forces[Baghdad-Ain]
President of the Republic, Barham Salih, said today, Thursday, that all the main political forces have agreed to choose Mustafa Al-Kazemi as prime minister of the country’s transitional government.
The following is the text of the speech of the President of the Republic during Al-Kazimi’s mandate to form the government.

To start with, we meet and our country is going through difficult circumstances and challenges, and we highly appreciate the courageous resistance of the Iraqi families to the Corona virus, and we highly appreciate the difficulties that they endure in the midst of the curfew and sanitary isolation. I salute with you in particular the men and women who stand in the forefront before us all. In resisting this epidemic, the health staff, including doctors, experts, nurses, service personnel and all workers in the health departments and hospitals, their noble role will not be forgotten by the Iraqis, their heroic struggle and their sacrifices are an honor for us and for them and for their generous families and their country. These are the owners of Urdu and white hearts. With all respect and appreciation, Iraqis appreciate that the best they can offer them is their support and commitment to their direction.

This is also the day we meet where important historical events happen in Iraq. This day commemorates the martyrdom of the martyr Al-Sadr [may his secret be sanctified]. Today, the memory of the jihad fatwa for resisting ISIS, which diverted the course of events and helped defeat ISIS and advance our country from the gravity that was staring at us. Today, too, is the memory of the idol’s fall, the end of the Anfal dictatorship, the mass graves, discrimination, persecution and terrorism.

The Iraqis on this day seventeen years ago were expecting a free and dignified life and a stable and prosperous country, for various reasons that interfered with and interfered with, political shortcomings, quotas, conflicts and contradictions with terrorism and interventions that prevented Iraqis from enjoying this simple right to a free and dignified life.

We meet today and in the presence of this honorable gathering and witness a constitutional and democratic transformation in our country. The past period was a difficult period in the history of Iraq, we lived, coexisted, and dealt with. We faced the mass popular protests that were calling for reforms and the correction of the path in our country, and many and many political matters have occurred in this country and in the heart of the East Al-Sharq Al-Awsat was a handover of power and the resignation of the government of Mr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and other dear brothers were appointed within known constitutional contexts. The parties committed themselves regardless of the debates and discussions to these procedures. This is an important achievement and an important appreciation. I am not about to justify that we have wasted a long time and the Iraqi people are waiting for us a lot and a lot, and we had to advance in forming the government in a faster time, but this is our reality. We committed to these contexts and today we are witnessing a new situation. Professor Adnan Al-Zarfi apologized for assigning him to form The government and sent us an official message in this regard, and today I want to thank Brother Al-Zarfi for his commitment and appreciation for the national interest and his courageous stances in these circumstances. I spoke to him a little while ago and assured me of his support for the process path and what secures the unity of the Iraqi class so I thank him and appreciate him for this position.

Today we are in the process of assigning Brother Mustafa Al-Kazemi to form the new government in Iraq, and Brother Al-Kazemi is a militant and educated figure known for his integrity and known for moderation and known for his concern for the general rights of Iraqis.

This is a great responsibility that will be assigned to my brother, Professor Mustafa Al-Kazemi. We wish him all the best in this endeavor, but I also want to stand on an important fact. The last period was accompanied by controversies and sharp differences between us and the political parties.

Today, thanks to God and with the efforts of the sincere, the main political forces agreed and the national and social forces agreed to choose Brother Mustafa Al-Kazemi for this position, as the fact that it was a witnessed day that we passed a stage that was difficult for all of us and the political system was subject to constant skepticism and questioning. I do not want to go into details but the lesson in what happened, Today we meet in the Peace Palace in the presence of these generous faces that represent the Iraqi political spectrum and everyone is keen to form a national government based on an Iraqi national decision and adheres to the reform program sought by the Iraqi citizen who is waiting for us to fulfill his rights to a free and dignified life.

God was in the help of Brother Mustafa Al-Kazemi, a difficult task, and everyone here will no doubt be helping you and you will be a help to this country. We finish this period to proceed to fair elections that give the Iraqi citizen the right to choose his government through honest and sincere elections and also works to remedy the consequences of these The serious health crisis afflicting our country, as well as the financial and economic repercussions of this situation. All of this is taking place and an important concept for our country is to preserve and strengthen the state, a capable and sovereign state based on an Iraqi national decision.

I have the honor to present the assignment book and wish you all the best.