Al-Zorfi: I will work to hold elections within a year, confine arms to the state, and accelerate the budget {expanded}

Al-Zorfi: I will work to hold elections within a year, confine arms to the state, and accelerate the budget {expanded}

03/18/2020 00:09:34

Al-Zorfi - I will work to hold elections within a year confine arms to the state and accelerate the budget{Baghdad: Al Furat News}. The Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zarfi, pledged to hold free, fair and transparent elections in cooperation with the United Nations Representative, and he also pledged to form a government away from quotas, partisans, and factions.
He said in a televised speech: “With great pride and a greater sense of moral and patriotic responsibility, I have the honor to accept my assignment with the task of forming the transitional government for the next stage.”

He added: “I would like here to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, for this mandate. I also express gratitude to the leaders of the political blocs and members of the House of Representatives who gave us their confidence to carry out the tasks of the next stage.”

He continued: “Thank you for the reference, which proved that it is with the aspirations of the Iraqi people in all its categories since the fall of the former regime and until now, and in the most critical circumstances, was a support for the people and the Iraqi state, whether in its support or criticism and correcting the march.”

He added: “I also pay great tribute and appreciation to the heroism and sacrifices of my brothers and brothers who have been stationed for months in the sit-in and pretend their peaceful movement for change and demanding the legitimate rights to build a state of institutions. The free and dignified life that dear Iraq deserves from us and fits with spare Iraqis. ”

And Al-Zrafi said, “In order to fulfill the responsibility entrusted to us and to confirm the honor of the duty that we have been charged with, we will take care and do all that must be done in order to achieve the following:

1- Prepare for free, fair, and transparent elections, in cooperation with the United Nations’ representative operating in Iraq, within a maximum period of one year of forming the next government. And provide all requirements of logistical support to the High Electoral Commission, and to ensure the provision of appropriate climates for the conduct of the upcoming elections.

2- Giving greater effort to confront the danger of the Corona pandemic, strengthening and supporting the crisis cell in all its joints, and following the scientific contexts currently in force in the developed world, and urgently to protect our people from this threat that today threatens the entire world. Our prayers are for God to protect our people and the general human community from this epidemic.

3- Urgently sending the budget for the year 2020 to the House of Representatives for approval. And that is after reviewing the possibility of increasing revenues, especially non-oil from them, and reducing unnecessary spending to address the fiscal deficit, and taking the necessary steps to address the consequences of the sharp drop in oil prices.

4- Working to confine arms in the hands of the state, eliminating all armed manifestations, extending the authority of the state, and promoting the restoration of complete civil peace and coexistence between all of all their diversity and diversity, all equally and without discrimination.

5- Protecting the security of demonstrators and activists, emphasizing the sanctity of exposure to them, responding to their legitimate demands to achieve social justice, providing employment opportunities, and improving the level of basic services, and working hard to pursue the killers and reveal the identity of the people behind the fall of thousands of peaceful demonstrators and our armed forces, and bring them to justice. In addition to caring for and honoring the families of the martyrs, and paying attention to treating the wounded.

6- Adopting a foreign policy based on the principle of Iraq first and avoiding regional and international conflicts that make Iraq an arena for settling accounts, so that Iraq will be for Iraqis first. Let the higher Iraqi interests be the compass that determines the directions of these positions and relations.

7 – Seeking openness to all neighboring countries, the region, and the general international community, in a way that preserves the independence of Iraq as a sovereign country, a key and active partner in combating global terrorism, and a stabilizing factor in the region.

8- Returning the displaced and displaced to their cities and villages, and providing safe livelihoods and decent life requirements.

9- Firmly tackling the rampant corruption in the ministries of the state and the various institutions and cutting off the perpetrators of corruption, and ensuring their prosecution and the recovery of looted funds.

10- Working to create an attractive investment environment for domestic and foreign capital. Support and revitalization of the private sector to contribute strongly to reconstruction and reconstruction. And to provide more job opportunities and move the economy.

11- Striving to solve the outstanding problems with the Kurdistan Regional Government and provide the necessary support to the governorates and local governments and to reach serious solutions and remedies to overcome all obstacles.

12- Developing security and military institutions and supporting the PMF and the Peshmerga forces as part of the country’s military system. And continue to address the remnants of the terrorist group ISIS. And control the borders to preserve the security and sovereignty of Iraq.

He concluded by saying, “I sincerely wish all the people of our country, foremost among them the young people stuck in the demonstration sword, and my brothers and sisters in the House of Representatives and political forces to be a help to us in the implementation of these tasks, so that we can pass together the current and critical circumstance that our dear country and our honorable people go through, so that we can begin to restore Building the state on sound foundations, the state of institutions and citizenship in which everyone lives in freedom, justice, dignity and peace, it is time for us to assert our Iraqi identity, and return Iraq to its glory and prestige, to live up to its high position between the countries of the region and the world. ” is over

Mohammed Al-Marsoumi