Two characters nominated to head the new government .. And decisiveness next week

Two characters nominated to head the new government .. And decisiveness next week

Posted, 3/9/2020 23:18

Two characters nominated to head the new government .. And decisiveness next week[Baghdad-Where]
Politicians and parliamentarians revealed, on Sunday, that the list of names nominated to head the new government be reduced to two characters, after the Shiite political forces agreed on two bars in the specifications of the prime minister candidate, indicating that the resolution of the mandate will be next week.
Informed sources said today, [8 March 2020], that the dialogues on the day of yesterday, Friday, and yesterday, Saturday, in Baghdad, between the leaders of the political blocs concerned with the nomination of the new prime minister, the Arab Shiite political forces, led to the reduction of the list of names nominated to head the government , Where a number of their names were excluded, and the current head of the Iraqi intelligence service, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and the chief adviser to the Presidential Office, Ali Shukri, were retained, with the agreement to put forward any other new personality, but on the condition that it be political and independent.

The sources suggested that next week will be a date for announcing the new candidate for the government, especially after the arrival of the Secretary-General of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, to Baghdad, and his entry on the mediation line between the leaders of the political blocs to reach an understanding.

The new constitutional deadline in Iraq for the selection of a prime minister ends in the seventeenth of this month, amid a clear difference between the interpretations of Article 81 of the Iraqi constitution regarding the Iraqi president taking over the presidency of the government in the event that the period expires without the appointment of a new president.

The insistence that the chosen personality be politically motivated is due to the inability to bring in a Prime Minister who does not have prior knowledge of the course of the political crisis in the country and its main files, such as the Washington-Baghdad equation, the crowd crisis, the financial public budget for Iraq and its ramifications, and the Erbil-Baghdad Agreement, The file of the elections, as the character of independence is in line with the demands of the demonstrating street, and also to cut off the paths to the reservations of other political forces, Sunni and Kurdish, in the event that the new candidate for the mission to form a government without returning to it.

The jurists of the Iraqi constitution are divided in their interpretation that the Prime Minister has deputies to replace him, while others confirm that the article is clear and talked about the Iraqi President assuming the functions of the Prime Minister temporarily, in the absence or failure of the Prime Minister to carry out his work and the end of the constitutional period without finding an alternative to it.

According to a prominent leader in the Sadrist movement, known to be close to its leader Muqtada al-Sadr, “The list of candidates has shrunk now, and talk has come about the head of the intelligence service, Mustafa al-Kazimi and the advisor Ali Shukri, and every personality there is a political party supporting them to assume the presidency of the new Iraqi government,” noting that leaders The blocs confirmed their reluctance to offer any other new name for his research.

He revealed, “The Sadrist movement has no objection to Al-Kazemi or Shukri, and is awaiting consensus and political agreement, but the differences between Shiite political forces among them are what delay the resolution of this file.”

He added: “We expect that other names will be offered from specific blocs, but the competition will remain between Al-Kazemi and Shukri. The agreement is now that the new prime minister’s personality is a political figure and a known figure among the political class, applicable to both.”

For his part, Saad al-Muttalabi, a leader in the State of Law coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki, said that “the Shiite political forces agreed during the meetings that were held during the past few days on the specifications of the new prime minister, as well as the tasks of his government, before entering into the dialogue in his name.”

And between Al-Muttalabi, that “my political and independent qualities are what was agreed upon, meaning that he is not affiliated with any of the major Shiite blocs, and that he has experience in dealing with all forces of various components, and that he does not fall even with what Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi signed, so political experience Very important for the prime minister. ”

He added, “It was also agreed that the new government be temporary, and its primary work is to prepare for early elections, and this file will be clear in the government program, which is voted on by the Iraqi parliament.”

For his part, Fadhel al-Fatlawi, a member of the Al-Fateh Alliance, said that “according to the current data until Sunday morning, the resolution of a new prime minister’s assignment file will be decided next week, especially since the meetings are continuous and without any interruption to resolve the crisis, with guarantees confirming the passage of The new candidate in the Iraqi parliament, “noting that” the main political forces have reached a conviction that the new prime minister must be a politician with experience in politics. ”

Meanwhile, Iraqi political analyst Mohammed al-Tamimi said, “The political class has created a new heresy for the prime minister’s personality to be [an independent politician], as she is afraid that this important executive position will go to a person outside of this class.”

Al-Tamimi said, “The forces and parties of the authority want a prime minister of the same class, to ensure that he will not open the files that they fear opening or demanding by the demonstrators, and which some political forces condemn, for their involvement in major and serious corruption issues, which have been closed over the previous years, due to the complicity of the forces.” Politics among themselves, “according to the newspaper,” the new Arab “.