Al-Araji: He went to delay the elections and keep Abdul Mahdi

Al-Araji: He went to delay the elections and keep Abdul Mahdi

3/5/2020 19:10

Al-Araji - He went to delay the elections and keep Abdul Mahdi[Baghdad-Ain]
The former Deputy Prime Minister, Bahaa Al-Araji, confirmed today, Thursday, that there is a trend to keep Adel Abdul-Mahdi as prime minister.
Al-Araji said in an interview published by the official agency, “Allawi’s apology for forming the government came as a result of his lack of success in choosing the ministers, as it was supposed to give each ministry to the participating blocs according to the specifications, and these are established democracies in all countries of the world, that the blocs are the ones that make up the government”.

He explained that “there is a move by the President of the Republic and members of Parliament to find a candidate for prime minister, and I believe that Adel Abdul Mahdi will remain,” noting that “despite the Council issuing the election law and it was voted upon three months ago, it was not sent to the Presidency of the Republic, and this indicates Until there is a determined intention to delay the holding of elections. ”

He added that “the best choice for the next stage is to retain Adel Abdul Mahdi,” noting that “his survival does not oppose the political process, especially after the House of Representatives issued the election law, and by this, the most important demands of the demonstrators to hold early elections have been fulfilled.”

He continued, “Abdul-Mahdi’s message was clear that the elections will be in December of this year, and it is assumed that the House of Representatives will dissolve two months before the date of the elections.” He pointed out that “the ongoing delays require Abdul-Mahdi to remain in power in preparation for the elections to take place on the specified date without delay.” “.