Other: Allawi’s cabin will continue on this date

Other: Allawi’s cabin will continue on this date

21/2/2020 15:00

Other - Allawis cabin will continue on this date[Baghdad-Ain] The
Alliance of Saireon, on Friday, favored “passing” the cabinet of the Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, during an emergency session of the Council of Representatives next Monday.
“The House of Representatives will hold an emergency session at the request of the Speaker of Parliament, submitted by 50 deputies, to vote on the president of In charge of the minister, Muhammad Allawi, who announced the completion of his ministerial daughter and his government program. ”

He added that “the cab will pass with the government program in the parliament session next Monday, and you will get the confidence of the majority of the votes, if it does not find anything new.”

Al-Omairi pointed out that “the data confirm the passage of the cab despite the presence of reservations from the Sunni and Kurdish blocs, but there are signs of a solution.”