Baghdad reveals its only condition for approval of the US “Patriot” system

Baghdad reveals its only condition for approval of the US “Patriot” system

Posted, 9/2/2020 8:36 PM

Baghdad reveals its only condition for approval of the US Patriot system(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Iraqi administration shocked its American counterpart regarding the installation of the Patriot defense system in the country, which was proposed by the United States to protect its missions in Iraq.
And an informed source revealed to {Al Furat News} that “Iraq suggested that the United States buy the Patriot system instead of installing it in favor of the American military forces.”

He added, “The United States confirmed during the recent visit of the American commander, Frank McKenzie, that the frequent attacks on the American embassy in Baghdad and the camps affiliated with them necessitate the installation of the Patriot system, which will be defensive, not missile launchers.”

He continued, “Iraq refused to install this system inside its territory, but he suggested that it be purchased from them and that Iraqi soldiers work on it and in turn protect the embassy.”

The American Associated Press had published a report in which it revealed attempts by the administration of President Donald Trump to communicate with Iraqi leaders to improve the tense relationship between the two sides, in order to stop the Iraqi government’s drive to remove US forces from the country.

“On the first visit of a senior American military commander to the country after the assassination of the Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani by a US plane attack in Baghdad last month, he quietly infiltrated Iraq, on Tuesday, General Frank McKenzie, head of the US Army Central Command for the eastern region,” the agency said. The middle, amid an effort by the administration of US President Donald Trump to rescue and bridge ties with Iraqi leaders and stop the government’s move to withdraw American forces. ”

The report added, “General McKinsey met the leaders of Iraq in Baghdad and then went to meet the American soldiers at the Assad Air Force Base, which was subjected to missile strikes last month by Iran in response to the drone attack. Then he said that he” became more determined with these meetings. ” “I think we will be able to find a way forward,” he added.

The agency noted that, “The visit of Makanzi came amid anti-American sentiments that led to violent protests represented by rocket attacks on the embassy and a parliamentary vote calling for the withdrawal of American forces from the country, while the visit also raises questions whether the presence of a high-ranking American military commander will stimulate a settlement, or just Raise tensions and accelerate the pace of ongoing negotiations to install Patriot missile batteries in Iraq to better protect coalition forces. ”

The report stated that after his return, General McKinsey said, “It is difficult to predict what the talks will lead to, especially as the Iraqi government is in a transitional situation.”

The agency noted, “Frank Mackenzie acknowledged that currently, due to the current tensions in relations, joint military operations and training missions between the United States and Iraq have diminished slightly, and he said that there is some training going on and that the American Special Operations Forces are carrying out tasks with their counterparts from the Iraqi Special Forces, As he affirmed by saying: “We are still fighting within a period of turmoil. We must move forward.”

He explained, “After Iran responded with an attack on January 8 by launching ballistic missiles at two Iraqi bases that include American forces, this became more justifiable for the United States to request that Patriot missile systems be brought into the country.”

He added, “Until now, the Iraqis did not agree to the request, and General McKinsey said that he discussed the issue during his meetings, but he declined to give any details, yet he said that he believes that the threat from Iran and its agents in Iraq, Syria and other regions is still going on, and said that what we pass It has a dangerous time. ”

The agency continued its report, saying, “The Pentagon also believes that the continuation of training and operations is vital to prevent the re-emergence of ISIS, indicating that when McKenzie was asked why he visited Iraq at a sensitive time like this, he said:” Being a leading military post for the Middle East I have a moral obligation to go there, ”he said, adding:“ It is important to go there and meet the Iraqi government to show them that we are with them and that our relationship is an important one. ”End

Mohammed Al-Marsoumi