Abdul Mahdi’s office: The government will not sign an agreement to keep US forces in the country

Abdul Mahdi’s office: The government will not sign an agreement to keep US forces in the country

1/14/2020 17:07

Abdul Mahdis office - The government will not sign an agreement to keep US forces in the country[Baghdad-Ain]
The spokesman for the office of the resigned prime minister, William Warda, confirmed on Tuesday that the government will not sign an agreement stipulating that US forces will remain in the country to continue fighting ISIS.

Warda said, in statements to American media, today, January 14, 2020, that Iraq will not sign an agreement regarding keeping American forces in Iraq to continue fighting against ISIS, noting that “the Iraqi government will support the parliament’s vote on the withdrawal of American forces from the country, against the background of Qassem Soleimani and Deputy Chairman of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, were killed in an American raid, and

he explained that “up to this point, the Iraqi government is committed to implementing the parliament’s decision, which stipulates that all foreign forces must withdraw from Iraq,” noting that “foreign forces It means not only the presence of American forces but c All other foreign forces in Iraq. ”

He added that” there is no agreement with the US administration to keep the troops and the government on the right track to implement parliament ‘s decision of Iraq. ”

The US Secretary Mike Pompeo minister, said in a speech yesterday that” all Iraqi leaders told him On special councils that they support the American military presence in their country, despite public calls for the departure of American soldiers from Iraq.

”Pompeo said,“ What he heard during talks he had with some 50 Iraqi officials of all affiliations in Iraq, including leaders of the Shi’ite majority, Since the beginning of this month Land with what is announced by those in public, “” they will not say it publicly. But in private councils, they all welcome the presence of America there and its anti-terror campaign, “noting that” American soldiers are working to ensure that the extremist ISIS does not return and provide the Iraqis with an opportunity to gain the sovereignty and independence that most Iraqis want. ”

As the State Department confirmed, earlier in the tongue spokeswoman Morgan Oortagos, “continued US partnership with Iraq,” against the backdrop of claim Abdul Mahdi , Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, to develop mechanisms to start the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

She emphasized the US State Department spokesman, said : ” the US military presence In Iraq to continue the struggle against ISIS, we are committed to protecting the Americans, Iraqis, and our coalition partners. ”

It is reported that the House of Representatives, in its session on Sunday, January 5, voted for a resolution stipulating the departure of all foreign forces from Iraq, and canceling the role of the international coalition in Iraq, in addition to To cancel the security agreement with Washington.