Foreign Relations will impose sanctions on countries to Iraq of past economic


BAGHDAD / JD / .. confirmed that the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, it seeks to impose sanctions against the countries of past on Iraq economically, through the porous borders of the land and water ..

A member of the Foreign Relations Committee and parliamentary deputy on the mass of Mesopotamia mainstay John’s / JD / that “exceeded the neighboring countries to Iraq’s oil wealth and water unacceptable,” saying “these countries have to respect the boundaries of water and oil of Iraq under international conventions” ..

John said “The Committee will stand against the excesses of the economic pressure on the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, explained: Report will be embassies of past through Dblomaseadtha in Iraq that we reject their actions that harm the economy of our country, and there will be accountability within the international laws” .. The member of the Foreign Relations Committee and the representative of the parliamentary bloc citizens that “there are laws will be put include penalties for any assault on the country of Iraq economically.”

The Iraqi border is witnessing the excesses of the neighborhood is an international build dams on the Tigris River, and the drilling of oil wells on the tracts Not so for areas of the provinces of southern and northern Iraq without being subject to deter the Iraqi government, “to interview eyewitnesses” .. And Iraq, one of the countries of West Asia bordering the Persian Gulf, bordered to the south by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to the north, and west of Syria, Jordan, Iran and the Middle.