The new election law will lead to “dividing” Iraq … an expert confirms

The new election law will lead to “dividing” Iraq … an expert confirms

Wednesday, December 25, 2019 at 10:32 am

The new election law will lead to dividing Iraq - an expert confirmsBaghdad / Sky Press

Today, legal expert Tariq Harb confirmed that the new election law will lead to the division of the country by calling on the deputies in his district of one hundred thousand people.

“This is what can be said to you, because most or all of you will not win the elections, because you are patriotic geographically, and you are not patriotic in small areas,” Harb said in a press statement.

He added, “The nomination of any of you to the governorate as an electoral district and winning is possible, but your nomination of the hundred thousand will certainly not win, because one of you is known in the governorate as a constituency, but it is not known in his constituency consisting of one hundred thousand people.”

He explained, “This small circle is based on knowledge, this is a clan sheikh and this is a sheikh of the community and this is a face and this pushed us and these gangs want it, and so we will notice that the bloc (S) that got 54 deputies in the 2018 elections will get more than a hundred parliamentary seats.”

He continued, “We used to scream at the deputies of Basra who demanded for Basra without Iraq. Under this law, we will find deputies demanding a section of Sadr City, not Sadr City or Baghdad, and so on, a division for Iraq, for every deputy demands his department consisting of one hundred thousand people only,” indicating “Imagine the deputies of Baghdad.” They number 69 deputies, each calling for and demanding for its region of one hundred thousand. Thus, Iraq is lost, Baghdad is lost, and Sadr City is lost to the demands of the deputies, so each of them demands the affairs of its department of one hundred thousand people, forgetting the judiciary, the province, and Iraq.