Economic Committee Member: Important to develop Iraq banking systems to boost investment process with international banks

Baghdad (news) .. According to a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment MP / National Alliance / Ibrahim Rikabi, the importance of developing the Iraqi banking sector through modern technological systems introduced to boost investment in the country.

The stapes (the Agency news): The studies and analyzes conducted by the parliamentary economic committee about the Iraqi banking system confirmed that the development of Iraqi banks will contribute to supporting and building and repair of the national economy suffered a recession in both the investment in the agricultural or industrial.

He added that the investment process in Iraq, you need international banks to operate modern electronic Bandma help facilitate the investors to give them their banking and financial guarantees, so that the development of the banking system is an urgent need for the advancement of the national economy.

He pointed out: that international companies coming to invest When looking for the investment environment, which has a sophisticated banking system and to secure their funds discreet or open special funds for lending in investment projects serving the country.