Set 5 conditions for choosing the next prime minister

Set 5 conditions for choosing the next prime minister

Sunday 01 December 2019 at 13:51 pm

Set 5 conditions for choosing the next prime ministerBaghdad / Sky Press

MP Hussein Arab has set five conditions for choosing the next prime minister, the most important of which is to be independent, young and competent and has never assumed any government position, and has no nationality other than Iraqi nationality, and this is what the demonstrators want to hope for a better future for the country.

Arab told the newspaper that “Iraq has enough competencies that can manage the next stage.”

He warned that “the prevalence of factional and partisan interests over the public interest, can move the country towards the unknown and that the selection of the government should be made on this basis through the selection of independents and the womb of ministries.”

He said that “about 70% of the deputies will refuse to vote on the next prime minister and his government if they belong to the parties and that the stage of control of the parties over state institutions is over, and began the stage that the next government derives its legitimacy from the demonstrators to be national, courageous and independent.”

He added that “the 15 days to choose a new government will be very sufficient in the event of moving away from opportunistic and beneficial interests and spoils, to change the country for the better in months.”