Know the names of those who have been ordered to bring and arrest so far

Know the names of those who have been ordered to bring and arrest so far


Know the names of those who have been ordered to bring and arrest so farThe Integrity Commission and the Supreme Judicial Council have issued arrest warrants for a number of officials in the state.

The Supreme Judicial Council and the Commission on Integrity issued separate statements through its competent court, which are judicial orders against former ministers, namely, Ministers of Higher Education Ali al-Adeeb, Health Adila Hammoud, Science and Technology Abdul Karim al-Samarrai, Hassan al-Rashed, and Transport Kazem Fenjan al-Hamami. With the exception of the immediate introduction of the current Minister of Culture Abdul Amir al-Hamdani, and an arrest warrant for the former head of the Endowment Shiite Saleh al-Haidari, who is also a minister.

She added that “the statements of the judiciary and the Integrity Commission, which all confirmed that the recruitment because of charges related to damage to public money, corruption and administrative violations, did not contain any names, as the law does not allow the disclosure of the names of those who are brought to the judiciary, before being convicted.”

In addition, the judiciary sentenced former Mayor of Baghdad Naeem Abboub to three years in prison, and issued a warrant on Sunday evening, the arrest of the former governor of Salah al-Din, current MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, on charges of corruption, and arrested the deputy in the parliamentary leadership of the wisdom movement Mahmoud al-Mulla Talal, in bribery, “the paper said.

“Within one week, the number of recruitment and arrest warrants issued by the judiciary against Iraqi officials exceeded 80, including a seven-year prison sentence against the head of the current Political Prisoners Foundation, Najah al-Shammari,

An arrest warrant has also been issued for the current governor of Babylon, the governor of Basra, the former governor of Dhi Qar and two general directors in the province, the president and members of the Wasit Provincial Council, the chairman and a number of members of the Kirkuk Provincial Council, and the first and second deputy governor of Diyala province. 26 members of the Council, a decision to book movable and immovable funds issued to the President of the Diwaniyah provincial council, and the decision to arrest the former governor of Diwaniya, and the introduction of the Chairman of the Investment Commission and the Director-General of Health in Najaf, as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Najaf International Airport, General of the Department of Health Director of Maysan province. ”

Also, a decision was issued to reserve the movable and immovable property of three senior officials in the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works, and the former president of Kirkuk University, as well as bringing in four MPs and an arrest warrant for another.

According to an official source, “half of those summoned by the judiciary or sentenced to judicial arrest or conviction are not in Iraq.” “Other arrest warrants will also be issued to senior members of parties in power,” he said.