He did not meet the Baghdad government, but met Barzani ..! What is the truth behind the visit of Deputy “Trump” Blitz to Iraq ..?!

He did not meet the Baghdad government, but met Barzani ..! What is the truth behind the visit of Deputy “Trump” Blitz to Iraq ..?!

Monday , 25 November 2019 10:55 am

He did not meet the Baghdad government but met Barzani - What is the truth behind the visit of Deputy Trump Blitz to IraqBaghdad / Sky Press

The visit was marked by a lot of question marks, especially since the US official did not meet with Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, or any of the Iraqi officials, contrary to what he did in the Kurdistan region, where he met with President of the Republic of Kurdistan, Nechirvan Barzani.

However, international media reported on a source that Pence’s visit to al-Assad’s base in the west of the country was coordinated with Baghdad, and came within the framework of the US official inspected his country’s forces operating in Iraq and congratulated them on Thanksgiving.

The sources pointed out that the US base is not in Baghdad or its surroundings, even if it were to meet Pence with the Prime Minister, and therefore the two sides preferred to contact only, while the office of Iraqi President, Barham Saleh, denied prior knowledge of the visit, a statement issued by the Office of Abdul-Mahdi to a telephone conversation took place With Pence, he discussed developments in Iraq and the government’s efforts and reform measures. The statement quoted Abdul Mahdi as stressing the importance of the sovereignty and independence of Iraq, providing security and stability to it, protecting the interests of all Iraqis of all components and religions, confining weapons to the state, and cooperation between the two countries within the framework of strategic agreements between them.

While Pence stressed the commitment of President Donald Trump to an independent and sovereign Iraq, expressing concern about the malign influence of Iran throughout the country, while in Erbil, the US official met with Barzani after visiting the US base there, Pence said, during the meeting, The United States hopes to maintain strong relations with the Kurds, and in response to a question if they are charged with easing the sense of betrayal of the Kurds, he replied: “I don’t think there is any ambiguity now that President Trump’s commitment to our allies here in Iraq, as well as to those in Syria’s forces. Democracy, the Kurdish forces that fought for Jean Na, it has changed. ”

Apart from public statements, Pence’s visit to a Baghdad-free station does not appear to have been attributed to security reasons, separate from the chill that has come to characterize Washington’s relationship with Baghdad.

US officials pointed out that Pence urged Abdul Mahdi to distance Iraq from Iran, after his companion had said that the official would urge the prime minister to disengage from Iran. A senior Iraqi official confirmed to AFP that the gap between Iraq and America was not as large as it has now, and is still growing.

Adding to US resentment is the possibility that Tehran’s allies will be able to overcome the crisis they are experiencing, whose indicators emerged as political forces signed a reform document that appeared to be satisfied with the supreme religious authority.

The US seems to be moving towards reactivating alternative options. In this context, there is talk of US pressure to overthrow the governor of Nineveh Mansour al-Maraeed, and the appointment of Najm al-Jubouri official operations in the province in 2014, and one accused of facilitating the entry of ISIS to Mosul instead. These pressures do not seem to be isolated from the US efforts to create the western province as a workspace that can be used in the context of passing the deal of the century, or blocking the path of Iran to the Mediterranean.