Direct recommendations from the US administration to “drop” Abdul Mahdi and the delivery of information to the reference “Sistani” ..!

Direct recommendations from the US administration to “drop” Abdul Mahdi and the delivery of information to the reference “Sistani” ..!

Sunday , 24 November 2019 at 11:36

Direct recommendations from the US administration to drop Abdul Mahdi and the delivery of information to the reference SistaniFollow / Sky Press

In a special report on the demonstrations taking place in Iraq, European Radio Austin quoted European diplomatic sources as saying that European Union countries receive direct recommendations from the US administration to engage in direct support for the project to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in Iraq. ٫ That participated in the US request to contribute to support the demonstrations in Iraq to work to dismiss the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi and promote as a government satisfied with the dominance of the Iranian leadership.

According to these sources, most European countries refused to engage in direct action in support of the demonstrations in Iraq, while monitoring the existence of contact between British diplomats and activists in civil society organizations who participated actively in the preparation of the demonstrations in Iraq two months ago.

According to a report by Radio Austin: US-European diplomats were transferred to European diplomats, including German diplomats and French, that succeeded in pushing Sistani’s authority to take tough positions against Shiite parties and the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi.

“Their American and British counterparts have been able to communicate information through political and religious figures related to clerics working as clerics,” Sistani convinced them that it was in Mr Najaf’s authority to support the protesters’ demands and vigorously embrace them, the report said. The authority was keen to maintain its influence on the Shiite Iraqis, otherwise the influence of Mr. Sistani’s authority on them would be reduced.

US and British diplomats expressed great satisfaction at the movement of Sistani’s agents in support of the demonstrators and hastened to transfer their recommendations to the office of Sistani in Najaf, which is run by Sistani’s son, Mohammad Reza, who call them on behalf of Mr. Abu Hassan. These recommendations include the following:

First, it is necessary to support the demands of the demonstrators to bring down the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi.

Second: the need to abandon the Shiite parties and invite them to leave the political scene and prevent the Shiites from being elected in any upcoming elections and demanding the change of the faces of Shiite politicians, and in this tough position on the Shiite parties, Americans feel that they have succeeded through intensive media campaigns on social media and television channels close to The Saudis, by leaking such a position to clerics in different Iraqi cities, portray this request as an issue agreed upon by the Shiites in Iraq. This is what has already been achieved, as stated in Sistani’s recent speech by his representative in Karbala. Friday prayers next to the tomb of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, which called for the change of Shiite politicians, although he did not mention them by name and did not specify their sect, but it was clear to all Shiites that Sistani asked Iraqis to abandon Shiite parties because the Sunnis do not follow the teachings of the Sistani reference.

The report said that this position, which was contained in Friday sermon last week, represents an adoption of the reference for the most important goals of the US project to move demonstrations and set the timing of the start and rally, which is directly influenced by the US embassy ٫ which has been working for a long time to strike the Shiite parties that victory Washington London, as an Iranian arm in Iraq.

The Radio Austin report questioned: Have the US and British embassy agents really managed to leak their targets to political and religious figures close to Sistani’s office where they do not know? They succeeded in adopting religious authority against Shiite parties until they demanded in their Friday sermon in Karbala last week to change them. The evacuation of the political arena from the oldest Shiite parties

“Are religious and political figures close to an Iranian office in Najaf really affected by the extensive and intense propaganda of Saudi and US-funded media that shouted slogans against Iran, against the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Khamenei and against Haj Qasim Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force,” the Austin Radio report said. In the Guards of the Islamic Revolution, launched by groups of demonstrators and not all in different minarets, including Karbala, Baghdad and Nasiriyah?

The Radio Austin European report answered this question: If this goal is truly achieved, it means that the Americans – and the British – have achieved a great achievement in finding a wide distance between the religious authority in Najaf and Shiite Iran, which believes in the velayat-e faqih. The Americans and British in Iraq after their unfulfilled attempts to resolve the popular mobilization – where London and Washington were concerned about the dangers threatening their interests in Iraq and the region – after the emergence of a major event in July 2014 and the emergence of harmony between the reference Sistani and Ayatollah Khamenei Sistani issued the “fatwa of jihadi jihad”, a fatwa that surprised London and Washington. Ayatollah Khamenei ordered the opening of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Iranian Army Corps (IRGC) warehouses to support Iraqis. With the active participation of General Qasim Soleimani, whose photographs were widely circulated in the Iraqi media, he was joining Iraqis in the army, police and Hashd in the fight against ISIS, which Israel considered a major threat to its security. The timing of these developments came after a series of shelling of the headquarters and stores of weapons of the Popular Mobilization in Baghdad and more than one place and the Israelis admitted that they carried out the shelling, a confirmation of the accusation of the second man in the Popular Mobilization Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, who directly accused Israel of bombing the stores and headquarters of the Popular Mobilization with US support.

Will Washington and London succeed in achieving greater fears when Sistani is referring to Iran’s influence in Iraq, which threatens a serious conflict between the authorities, or will Sistani’s authority retreat if she realizes that further support for the demonstrations could bear fruit for Shiite enemies, especially Saudi Arabia? Which is trying to support the remnants of the Baathists, especially the Shiites, to exploit the demonstrations in cooperation with the communists and liberals and reap the votes of Shiites in the upcoming elections to the House of Representatives and jump to the post of prime minister A year to strike the influence of Shiite parties, dissolve the Popular Mobilization, hit Iran’s allies in Iraq and turn Iraq into a big figure in the equation of US and British policy in the region.