Expectations of the “resignation of Abdul-Mahdi” .. After the failure of the option of the reshuffle ..

Expectations of the “resignation of Abdul-Mahdi” .. After the failure of the option of the reshuffle ..

Saturday , 23 November 2019 at 14:19 pm

Expectations of the resignation of Abdul-Mahdi - After the failure of the option of the reshuffleBaghdad / Sky Press

According to international media, Adel al-Mana, editor of the Iraqi political newspaper, that the ministerial amendments to be made by the Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, is only a message of appeasement rejected by the Iraqi street, expecting the resignation of Abdul-Mahdi and put alternative names for the prime minister.

He added that these ministerial amendments planned do not value or enrich the hunger, and pointed out that the entire ministry will be temporary.

Regarding Sistani’s call for issuing the election law and meeting the demands of the protesters, he said that “the supreme religious authority serves as a safety valve for Iraq, especially that the reference of the elections for the elections is sincere and secures the rights of the Iraqi people. “.

Al-Mani considered that Mr. Sistani’s call for a new law corresponds to the demands of the protesters.

“If Iraqi politicians have marginalized the demands of the demonstrators for the elections, Mr. Sistani’s invitation will put them under the clause of compelling your brother, not a hero, forcing them to draft an electoral law that meets the demands of the street and the reference,” he said.

Sistani has called on politicians to speed up reform of election laws, saying reforms are the only way to overcome weeks of unrest.

Sistani stressed the need to speed up the completion of the election law and the law of the Commission, because they pave the way to overcome the great crisis experienced by the country.

Sistani also reiterated the peaceful demonstrations, free of violence and sabotage, and stressed the sanctity of Iraqi blood.