Urgent Abdul Mahdi in a letter to Sadr: agreed with Ameri and formed a new government and I will announce the resignation of my government

Urgent Abdul Mahdi in a letter to Sadr: agreed with Ameri and formed a new government and I will announce the resignation of my government

2019/10/29 14:48

Urgent Abdul Mahdi in a letter to Sadr - agreed with Ameri and formed a new government and I will announce the resignation of my government[Baghdad-Where]
Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi sent a message to Sadr’s leader, Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr.
The letter comes a day after Sadr invited Abdul Mahdi to come to parliament to announce early elections and hold them under UN supervision.

The following is the text of the letter:
“His Eminence, Muqtada al-Sadr, may God’s
peace and mercy and blessings be upon you
. national provided one of the exits to the current crisis may be proposed for the following reasons:
may come election results are inconclusive and therefore can form a majority government policy clearly enjoys parliamentary support and clear.
may contribute to the popular movement as a result of recent demonstrations to the wide participation of young people in the next elections have t Dr. constitutional amendments and reforms put forward to change the entire political climate in the country and happens a renewal of the bearing political forces to project the next stage.
There are steps I can I do and other related with parties other, as well as there are reservations on the way out of the crisis.
Go the Prime Minister is not enough to parliament to declare There are constitutional contexts (Article 64) that the Prime Minister must abide by. It will not be achieved unless by a vote of the Council of Representatives to dissolve the Council by an absolute majority of its members, that is, by 165 votes.
Or, under Article 64, one-third of the members of the House of Representatives, ie 110 votes, shall be asked to dissolve the House of Representatives.
As I wrote in a previous letter to Your Eminence there are some reservations.
If the goal of the elections is to change the government, there is a shorter way to agree with your brother to form a new government. Then the prime minister can resign and the new government takes office within days, if not hours of this agreement. I believe that the political blocs will cooperate extensively to achieve the necessary vote. Early elections are unknown. When will it be possible? Will the full terms be agreed? Will the results come decisive? And other things may leave us in front of large unknowns.
Turning the government into a daily caretaker government means not passing the budget.It means stopping the signing of new projects and the laws required to be legislated as soon as possible, by which we achieve agreed steps to reform, provide jobs, encourage new investments and works, not to mention many other things that should be considered. How long will it take to dissolve the House of Representatives? Or change the Commission? Investors flee because of the unknown and bloody events, and there is blood flowing, which requires clear procedures for the state to carry out its duties, and to maintain public order and apply the law to all.
You demand that the participation of the current parties is only acceptable to the people. I note that in my last speech I said that political parties have failed to understand the new equations of the country and have not done their duty properly, as the state has fallen behind. People took to the streets to express their opinion. This is a social / political outcome of all experiences and nations. But who will know which parties are satisfied by the people? The freedoms and rights that must be guaranteed to all are not determined by personal jurisprudence, even if they will ultimately prove true. The ballot boxes are the best means of expressing the opinion of the people, provided that we come as close as possible to provide all the conditions to match the opinion of the people with the results of the elections.
This is how it was historically and for the rest of the people, and so it is now and for the Iraqi people. Peoples are not jelly or hypothetical situations that each of us will claim to represent. Therefore, the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) refused a pledge of allegiance at night. Therefore, the will of the people must be clear. If there is despotism, revolutions are the answer. If there is a democratic system that provides the means to recognize the opinion of the people, the ballot box is the solution. Either an individual or a power party monopolizes and imposes its will on the people, or a masked person comes and closes a university from universities and writes on closed doors in the name of the people, or a school principal takes the teenagers to the streets in the name of the people. It is also punishable by law and does not represent the opinion of the people.
Your Eminence, I fully understand the feelings of our youth from the issues of their country and the importance of their participation in them. We also had our youth and our enthusiasm. You may not know that I was dismissed from my fourth grade high school and I was 14-15 years old, because I participated in the Port Said demonstrations and the tripartite aggression against Egypt and against the elections that we once called fraudulent in 1956-1957. The enthusiasm and eagerness of our youth is a reassurance that our young generations have a high sense of patriotism. They will learn with their own experience the right path to draw for their country. Our duty is not to suppress them, but to respect them, to listen to them and to help them by every means possible. We have done our duty and we have sinned and sinned, and they will take responsibility and pray to the Almighty not to re-commit our mistakes, but to learn from them.
“God does not cost a soul, but it can have what it has earned and what it has gained. Our Lord does not take us to forget or sin. You are our Mawlana.