Governor of Kirkuk comment on the “desire of the Kurds” to change it and confirms: Article 140 expired

Governor of Kirkuk comment on the “desire of the Kurds” to change it and confirms: Article 140 expired

2019/06/27 15:26

Governor of Kirkuk comment on the desire of the Kurds to change it and confirms - Article 140 expiredBaghdad today – Kirkuk

The governor of Kirkuk, the agency Rakan Jubouri, on the desire of Kurdish forces to change through the election of a new governor of originality, while stressing that Article 140 of the Constitution to resolve the problem of disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil, has become “expired.”

“Article (140) of the Constitution has become outdated and is unable to address the problems of the disputed areas between the governments of Baghdad and Arbil,” Jubouri said in remarks via the electronic window of the province and continued (Baghdad Today).

And the choice of a new governor of Kirkuk instead, he said that “the Kurds have a desire to, but there are legal mechanisms to choose the governor is through the provincial council,” noting that “the Council since the imposition of the law could not hold a meeting because of the absence of political party (not named), but Kirkuk is an Iraqi city, and all Iraqis are responsible and their administration must be done by consensus and by 32 percent. ”

“We have one of the most serious and challenging challenges facing our work in Kirkuk, the issue of the presence of some Peshmerga leaders and leaders during the war on premeditated terrorism, especially in the separation barrier in the seam areas of 2015, the progress of 10 km and the demolition of 135 villages in full, We are unable to rebuild housing and the difficulty of providing liquidity and federal allocations for the resettlement of more than 70 thousand people, and this is a major mistake that must focus on compensating these victims and accounting for the defaulters.

He added that “the status of Kirkuk today is safe and stable compared to previous years,” referring to “the professional performance of the federal forces and the great cooperation of all components of Kirkuk.”

He added: “Anyone can visit Kirkuk and see the status, and we do not have a curfew and the movement of citizens wearing their uniforms and popular.”

He pointed out that “the administration of Kirkuk must be consistent, and whenever there is a consensus we will be with him and support him in the administration.”

On the possibility of applying Article 140 of the Constitution, he said: “It is a constitutional article, but it is governed by time constraints and could not solve the problem of Kirkuk, and we find that the compatibility of the components of Kirkuk is important for the formulation of a permanent and future agreement, and there is a parliamentary committee of representatives of the components of Kirkuk and under the auspices of the United Nations, And consensus among all. ”

“There has been no kidnapping of a single citizen in Kirkuk since the law was imposed, and no house was seized or its owners were expelled or destroyed.”

He added: “Since 2005 and until the imposition of the law (16 October 2017) more than 2,800 kidnapped and absent and detained in the prisons of Kurdistan, and do not know their fate, and many of their families are reviewing us daily and ask whether we are widows or divorced what is our fate, “We were able to release two meals from Sulaymaniyah prisons.”

He concluded his interview saying: “We have part of the wells of Kirkuk within the boundaries of the province of Dibs and another near the area of ​​Chuan, which is controlled by the province, which is within the borders of Kirkuk and the responsibility of the North oil,” adding that “the solution lies in the redeployment of federal forces in all the borders of Kirkuk, In Iraqi Kirkuk and Iraqi Kirkuk. ”